Waiting for the dreaded envelope

Morning sitting wondering if I should ring esa but frightening.im dew my fortnightly payment of 82 pounds (as they take money off me for certain things like water Ra's and council tax should be 73 pounds a week ) and I'm in that panic stage of will my payment be in or have I had my esa stopped .when I rang last week they told me on the phone if I haven't heard by the 29 th to ring them back well the post has been and no news again what a long and torturous wait this has been I'm so scared to ring them my last ohine to them the key who rather nice I must add said not to worry as there was nothig negative in the report how would she know this of the report ws with decision maker so confusing lol omg want to ring but can't bring myself to do so not really ready for disappointment. well my friends feeling a bit better now I've shared my thoughts and fears thankyou for being there my lovelies have a lovely day xx

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  • Was meant to say phone call and lady not key this tablet got a mind of its own lol

  • Do try not to stress too much and I hope you get a decision soon. I cannot help with benefits stuff but wish you well....x

  • Thankyou for reply trikki I'm going to run them now if only to see if my payment has issued for tomorrow hae a lovely day hunni and tgc xx

  • I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the outcome my friend, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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