Mental Health Awareness

Firstly I apologise I've not posted for a few weeks as I've been poorly. Those that know me know that I try to raise awareness of mental health. I can talk from experience that one of my Heath conditions drove me to try and take my life 2 years ago. However I was saved and given a second chance at life. I received lots of treatment for the physiological aspect of my condition. I am in a really good place in terms of my mental health for over a year and I find that I have to do everything I can to raise awareness of Mental Health. We need to talk much more about mental health and ditch the stigma attached with it. Health services needs to be improved in accessing emergency mental health services and try to make these services accessible to everyone who needs it and when they need it. I personally believe we need to discuss mental health in secondary schools to open dialogue for those who need it in that environment.

Facts from The Mental Health Foundation

Suicide and self-harm are not mental health problems themselves, but they are linked with mental distress.

1️⃣ In 2016, 5,688 suicides were recorded in Great Britain.

2️⃣ Of these, 75% were male and 25% were female.

3️⃣ Between 2003 and 2013, 18,220 people with mental health problems took their own life in the UK.

4️⃣ Suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 years in England and Wales.

5️⃣ One person in fifteen had made a suicide attempt at some point in their life.

6️⃣ The suicide rate in Scotland rose by 8% between 2015 and 2016, with 728 suicides registered in Scotland in 2016.

🆘 Anyone feeling suicidal or needing to talk can contact Samaritans by calling their free telephone number on:

📞 116 123

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  • gosh magic stars, hope you are doing well with your mental health now. Thats very sad to read big hugs to you xx :)

  • I'm really sorry to hear that you attempted to take your life a year ago. I'm pleased you are here and able to share this experience with us. I hope your getting the support you need and I hope your in a much better place. I know we have off days too

  • great information for everyone xx big hugs xx

  • Wow. What a poignant and shocking post. I really had no idea about how severe this occurrence was. I have actually just read out all of those stats to my colleagues and they are also in shock.

    I have struggled with depression in my life, and also an eating disorder but I have never felt in that place before, so to hear about common this is but how little is done to promote it is really shocking! I completely agree with you that this needs to be discussed more openly without the stigma that is attached!

    Thank you for completely opening my eyes on this subject xx

  • Thank you 😊 the statistics are very concerning and hardly talked about. I was shocked too see these statistics. I'm sorry to hear of the struggles you face and faced, I hope you are getting the relevant support you require and thank you for sharing with us :) x

  • This is a great post. I have suffered with mental distress and I still suffer from my depression. I'm actually more aware of people with mental health problems and would love to help more in the field. Once I've got some stability behind me I will definitely do so x

  • Hi, thank you 😊 I'm so sorry you've been through this and still going through this. I'm really proud that you can share this experience with us. I hope you are still getting the support you need and wish you all the best in the future. I'm delighted that you want to do more in this field :) x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi danny1990, it is time the stigma disappeared. People who are suffering with any mental problems don't need their condition aggregating by ill informed people.

    Mental health should no longer be separated from general health. We humans are a whole and our minds are just another part of us.

    It's great that you're raising awareness and I think you're amazing for having come so far. I wish I'd had your mind set and support when I needed it many, many years ago. I think you are outstanding and have my respect.

    Amazing, well done and keep up the hard work xxx

  • Hi Falabella, thank you for your kind words. I found accessing the help very problematic and tried to access these before my suicide attempt but after being turned me away led me to feel I had no other option than suicide. After I was saved I received amazing support from services but I feel if we could improve access before hand go other people in similar situations. If I can help improve awareness and help even one person it's worth while but we all can make an impact on someone's life by even just talking to them. Thank you 😊 x

  • It's a real problem that the services you tried to access weren't listening and helpful before you tried to end your life. That needs changing right now, without delay. So many more people can be saved before they get too far down the line.

    I'm so glad that you were saved and that the help you needed finally came but I'm so sorry the support wasn't there before hand.

    I once rang the samaritans. The man I spoke to was lovely. It was only one call but he said enough for me to carry on , so I fully understand how having someone to talk to is invaluable.

    Hugs to you xxx

  • Thank you for your very touching and kind words. Samaritans are a very useful organisation and can make the difference between life and death. I'm so glad you are in a better place. Keep strong and hugs to you too xx

  • You too lovie xxx

  • You've put it perfectly. I wish you all the best in your journey :) thanks for sharing with us :)

  • I'm also here if your having a down day too :)

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear. I hope you haven't sustained many injuries. I bet it is very painful for you and not helping with your mood. I'm in between a bad day and a good day if that makes any sense. I had an amazing day yesterday but today I feel a little fed up, I think a mix of bad weather and in pain with my conditions. I've tried to keep busy and the mind active. Is there something you can do to that helps you? Also wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  • Yh

  • Thanks for sharing. I've had a couple of down days.

  • Sounds really painful and quite frustrating with the Fibromyalgia. I'm glad your trying to stay in control too :) so sorry you are getting weakness on your left side.

    I'm really pleased you can keep focused on work and it helps to keep busy. Thank you I think I'll be fine tomorrow but because of my other health issues I tend to have to try and keep in control and manage how I deal with it but I am in a good place nowhere like before :)

  • Thank you 😊 yes like a pharmacy here too lol I never thought this would be the case. I used to get angry with it but since I changed a few things I'm a lot better so less often I get angry. I think to myself really not another condition to have lol :)

  • Absolutely we will have to think of a name for the pharmacy :)

    Yeah it is hard to get rid of the anger. I would get annoyed by the smallest thing. One of the conditions I suffer from is Chronic Cluster Headaches it's nothing like normal headaches or migraines if you google it will tell you how severe they are and how rare they are. There is no cure and get 4-7 attacks a day. I had to fight to get treatment as it was so rare and got very frustrated but since I've been therapy to manage the psychological side for living with the chronic pain I've been a lot better. I hope you can find something to help you :)

  • Love the name, yes yes yes! I have to have home oxygen and injections along with quite toxic medication that only help keep the edge off. It's took me 4 years to get to see Cluster Headache Neurologist only two in the uk who specialises in it. I'm waiting for invasive surgery but a lot of risks and not sure if will help too. They having to fight for NHS England as costs a lot of money. So just waiting for all that to go through but the specialist gave me some hope so fingers crossed. They need to make it more accessible to see mental health teams and reduce the waiting lists to ensure people aren't failed.

  • Thank you 😊 and it's so cruel that it comes down to money and sometimes a postcode lottery. We still continue to fight . Day by day we get nearer

  • It's certainly discriminatory and is stopping thousands getting treatment but others can. It's crazy

  • Maybe as well as our pharmacy we can set up a campaigning group 😊

  • Wishing you all the best danny1990

  • Thank you 😊 means a lot

  • I've suffered with depression and anxiety on and off since around my late teens. I used to keep it hidden. Yes, there was a stigma attached to it. It's one of those nasty hidden illnesses. However, around 3 years ago something awful happened and due to it I sank extremely low, was on antidepressants and sedation and off work. When I finally went back to work I decided to open up.

    I was amazed and a little shocked that this also prompted colleagues to open up to me. One in particular, who I'd never guessed had been suffering in silence opened up about her post natal depression and how she felt she couldn't cope and was failing as a mother. This lady is bubbly, funny and very popular and well liked. You would never have thought she'd gone through this dark period in her life.

    I talk about it a lot more openly now, especially if I feel it's relevant and will help someone. Depression can affect anyone, it doesn't discriminate so whether you're male, female, black, white, rich, poor, young or old - it can and will strike. It's important we keep talking and we (meaning the man or woman on the street) try and understand and educate ourselves a little. There's still some ignorance sadly. Yes, someone may be financially secure with a nice house, family etc but depression is very subjective and you don't know the inner struggles some are having.

  • Very well worded and very poignant. I think your very brave to talk about it openly now. I totally agree we don't see how people are actually feeling but yes educating each other and working with services to improve/adapt for us to become proactive rather than reactive.

  • Thanks Danny. I think you're totally right and education is key. It also is key in enabling our family, friends and colleagues etc in understanding the other illnesses that we have and those that they don't really know anything about.

  • Together we can make a difference and educate :) slowly but surely

  • What a jolly subject. Most folks like to pretend such things don't happen or if we don't talk about it the issues cease to exist. I see these statistics are just the folks that are successful in their endeavour. Given falling off your perch deliberately is (oddly) hellish difficult, it begs the question; How many failures? Folks who tried, only to become a little more broken and damaged? And then the folks self medicating their pain with damaging actions. Using drink and drugs to cope? How many cutters? How many people careless of their meds because their pain and despair means they don't give a... about what happens? How many people careless of their dietary needs and need for fresh air and exercise who prefer to enjoy the notion of shortening their burdensome lives?

    Been checking and Suicide figures globally are rising and the last figures are 828000. Non fatal suicide in comparison, is between 10-20 million. So I figure if there are 5688 suicides in the UK then this suggests that there could be between 56880 - 113760 people each year who fail.

    In addition it is believed that around 10% of the population engage in some form of self harm at some point in their lives. A lot of this is secretive. Most who self harm are not suicidal, just very desperate, however, a few of these may go on to suicide in future. That is a whole lot of pain

    Worse, few people understand. If a person craves chocolate, folks say they understand (because chocolate is nice?) But if a person needs to cut themselves, we tend to be confused or think it attention seeking (because it seems extreme and nasty?) Except both cravings are more likely about trying to deal with or blot out emotional pain.

    I think when we suffer it opens our eyes to the suffering around us. It shows us to be more understanding and careful of others. We don't always know who are the people who need gentleness to prevent them breaking. In a harsh world, gentle people are important. Sometimes Fibros can feel their lives are wasted and pointless but I think their experience of suffering can make them very necessary in the world as they develop empathy and deeper understanding to share with others. You cant always make it a money making job but to be caring and take time to understand those around you is a decent vocation. One thing Fibros really understand is the pain of not being understood!

    Really interesting topic.

  • 20 years ago in January I lost my father to suicide. THANK YOU for raising awareness to this "taboo" subject. Let's break the silence ❤️x

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