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Well I have been several times and got no joy from anyone! They don't have an interest in fibro at all. However as I also have spinal problems they have been giving me epidurals with mixed success. I was at the pain clinic again last Tuesday expecting the same non result when I was seen by a specialist nurse practitioner.....She was FANTASTIC!!! She made me walk out with my head higher than it has been for a long time...Why? Because she listened! She read ALL my health issues, spinal damage ulcerative colitis, bowel issues etc and said that she thought I must be a very strong woman to carry on! It meant so much to me. It doesn't take much but to know that someone knows how we suffer is so refreshing...and she has put me forward for another epidural which the doctor said he wouldn't do for a year. So don't be upset if you expect to see a dcotor but end up with a nurse...sometimes they know better!!

Happy weekend everyone

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  • What a great result! It makes such a difference when you know you have been listened to and understood.

    Sadly my experience of the Pain Clinic was abysmal, just talk, never even took my coat off! I gave up after 3 appointments.

  • What a refreshing change as you say it makes you feel so much different about yourself.

    I pay privately using my PIP award to go to see a Chinese medicine/acupuncturist practitioner since my Pain Clinic and hence my electronic acupuncture was stopped. He seems to know more about fibro and how the body reacts to pain etc, the digestion system and I could go on and on than all the GPs and other medical people I have seen over the last 7 years. He has noticed similarities on how our bodies react to pain etc in both his fibro and MS patients to the acupuncture. He is investigating things to do with diet and supplements in order to try and help his fibro patients. It makes you feel believed and that there is someone out there who is on your side and will try to search for some solution.

    I do hope all your future visits are as successful.x

  • I am not naive though and as it is the Doctors and not the Nurses who decide on treatment it will be interesting to see what happens next time!

  • Hello artygirl57 , I'm glad to see what that visit yo the pain clinic done for you....I hear happiness!! Good for you! ! Peck.🐤

  • That is wonderful artygirl57 and I sincerely hope that you get to see her again :)

  • Really happy for you that someone really listened to you. It really makes such a difference and the help that they give to you. Like you I have had nurses and they can make a difference and offer you more of what you should be having. Take good care. XX

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