Hi gregz hope you find some relief, I've just had lumbar injections which have helped my legs and the tingling has stopped😃But another pain in my side has emerged 😡However take the good with the bad I'd rather have the side pain then legs I do think it's trial and error and always be open to anything new. My gp o told me the lumbar injections rarely work however they did👍

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  • So pleased that the lumber injections have helped. As you said ant reduction in the pain and tingling us more than welcome, hope the pain continues to ease.x

  • Thanks

  • Glad to hear you have had success with your injections and the tingling has stopped. Is your side pain a new symptom? If so, perhaps you should seek medical guidance.

    Hope your symptoms continue to improve.


  • Hi thanks I seen gp today who checked me out said it was fibro, however had the same thing said about knee and really had a torn meniscus which I have operation for on Friday I also have 4 prolapsed discs which they said was fibro until MRI's which I had to insist upon showed these probs upon.everyone needs to have anything that hurts for longer than usual checked out don't accept fibro for everything x

  • It really does make me cross when lazy or ill informed doctors put everything down to fibro. Even people with fibro can get appendicitis, arthritis, pulled tendons, cancer, and, like you with prolapsed discs that are not fibro related in any way.

    Since having and surviving renal cancer I am much more aware of what my body is doing and making sure I am proactive with regards to the NHS.

    I am pleased to see we are of the same mind!


  • Hi Maureen1one I am genuinely delighted to read that your lumbar injections worked for you :)

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