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Morning everyone, fairly new to the site and not the best with the computer etc., so just finding my way about it. When I went on to your page showing where there were various groups (dont see one in my area in Scotland) I noticed it said something about a medical pack being sent to your GP could you advise what this is for? Not as cold up here as it was yesterday though snow has been forecast. Many thanks. x

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  • Hi there

    You can get a pack about Fibromyalgia sent to your GP for their information, in case your doctor doesn't know much about Fibro.

    You can either have it sent anonymously or say that you have had it sent.

    I hope this helps.

    Lu x


  • Thank you. My GP whom I have only met once is very nice and understanding. I recently lost my husband who had 2 forms of cancer so she knew him fairly well. I was being sent to a Neurologist through the nurse/practitioner whom I saw a while back before my GP. I have been waiting on an appt but fibro symptoms have been so bad of late (possibly grief hasn't helped) and phoned the nurse who asked had I not had a letter, which I hadn't. She apologised as they had got word Neurology dont see you now for fibro, its a referral to a pain clinic and I should be seen in a couple of weeks time. Told her think other things going on as I have difficulty kneeling and something locks and is very painful trying to stand up so she has organised an x-ray . I have a feeling there is some damage,possibly osteo maybe. I think my GP surgery would be very open to receiving info re fibro if you could tell me how to go about this. Thanks so much for being so helpful. x

  • Thank you I have just mananged to log in and do this now!

  • Actually I think it's completely anonymous 😃

  • You can request it to be marked for your GP and make a note who it is from if you wish 😀

  • thanks Bluemermaid3. I managed to fill in the form but I should have let my GP know it was from myself and I should have done this sorry didnt realise.

  • No you don't have to do that. Just let your GP know next time you see her that you have had it sent to her if you wish.

    It's a matter of your own choice xx

  • yes I will thanks she's very nice! Keep well x

  • Mmm, I'd rather stay anonymous as it says it will on the information 😃

  • Hello and welcome,

    As blue mermaids says the medical pack has information about fibromyalgia that will help inform your doctor if he/she is not too familiar with the condition. I had one sent to my doctor and he passed it onto the other doctors in the practice to read also.

    Where in Scotland are you? I live near Aberdeen and there is a Support group here that meets once a month on Saturday mornings. I used to live in West Lothian and used to attend a Support group at St. John's Hospital in Livingston (not sure if this is still running).

    We have snow forecast here for later today... Not looking forward to that!! xxx

  • Thank you for that my GP practice would be very open to that and I have asked BlueMermaid3 how to organise this. I live in North Lanarkshire and asked my practice nurse if there were any support groups in the area and she tried to find out for me but I think the nearest one is Falkirk or Glasgow. I dont drive unfortunately though could get a train into Glasgow on a good day and if it was central, but Falkirk would be too difficult without transport. Myself and my husband who passed in April visited Aberdeen a few years back and enjoyed it so much. Thanks so much for your help. It's actually warmer here today than yesterday but they say snow is on it's way! Xx

  • Hi phlebo123, I am wondering about your support group. I live in Aberdeen and would be very interested. Please could you send me details.

    Thanks Linda xx

  • Hello Linda,

    I hope it is OK for me to put this information on here:

    The Aberdeen and District Fibromyalgia Support group meet at the Rubislaw Church Centre at 1 Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen, AB15 4AB on the last Saturday of every month, from 11am to 1pm.

    The next meeting is Saturday 26th November, sometimes there are speakers and sometimes a meal out. Unfortunately I work on Saturday mornings, so can't make the meetings, but they have a Facebook group where people can chat which I am a member of.

    If you want more information you can call 0844 887 2497 or email and the lady who organises it is called Claire.

    Hope this is useful, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask xxx

  • Thank you, I'll try and call later xx

  • I can see that you have and your question answered so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

  • Dont know what is included in the pack, but think it will be very beneficial to my GP. Many thanks!

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