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i am filling my esa form now.i have heard if i enclose a GP's letter in which states that i am not able to go for face to face interview with medical health professional ,people in job center accepted that i not to go for medical examination .is that true?

any one has experience about it? if you had or heard, could you please let me know.i do have realy a fear that something unpleasant might happen in interview i am really anxious about it

many thanks

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  • Hello akram, I have just read your message and I'm sure someone will reply sometime this evening or tomorrow. I know of someone on this fibro site didn't attend her interview as she was to unwell to go, but I don't know what happened with the outcome. To be honest I had my esa form filled out for me and I added things to the form and I am dreading them telling me that I have to work when I'm not able to at the moment. Anyway good luck to you and hope you get the response and answers that you have asked! Take care, Aisha x

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  • Unsure if you are able to do this - might be worth asking about it on the myLegal/iLegal Forum

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  • Hi I believe that this is not true. It just means that they may grant you a home visit. Make sure that you have someone with you. They will lie and twist things. I read everyone says stay calm and just tell the truth. I say let them see the real you. Be it crying, getting angry whichever way your illness takes you. Good luck.

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  • Hi

    If you do end up with a medical try and record it and that way if it goes to appeal and they have fabricated things, you will have sound evidence (sorry about the pun) to refute anything they said.

    I don't think it makes much difference what your GP puts in to be honest, they don't take all that much notice, remember the new ESA benefit has targets and boxes to be ticked and if you fall into their targets you will have to go for a medical. Sorry to be blunt but that is the way it is. My GP told me they often don't read any accompanying evidence. The form is the key to this.

    It does help if you can put as much info on your form as possible, about how your illness affects every aspect of daily life. The more info you put the easier it is for them to make a decision and they may not have to call you in. If you need any help I will try and give you advice about what I put on my form.

  • thanks very much .could please give me more advice what do i put on my form.

  • If you ask the forum admin/moderators/volunteers you should be able to get a copy of the Benefits & Work guide to applying for ESA. What you write on your form will be individual to you and it would be difficult for anyone to advise you exactly what to write.

    I would also suggest that if possible you get an appointment with your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for assistance with completing the form - they will be able to advise on any letters from GPs etc.

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  • Hi

    Try and describe in each section what your daily life is like, say how long it takes you to wash and dress, if you experience pain or fatigue, if you need help doing things like preparing a meal, shopping etc. how long you can sit for without getting up, if you need to sit down and rest In between doing things.

    What medication you take and how each one affects you, side effects etc. if you suffer from mental health issues like depression or anxiety then say so. Make sure that if you can't do something then say so. Have you asked admin for the benefits and work advice sheets, there is loads of helpful info on them.

  • i really appreciate it.

  • If you have a doctors letter stating you are not fit to travel, they should arrange to see you at home, but that is not always the case. A poster on here a few weeks ago provided such a letter but was still ordered to attend the medical.

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  • I asked my GP for a letter & he said they do not do one unless asked by ATOS,Capita etc,

    I did appreciate the help I had from Independent Living (now Equal Lives) as they actually wrote it for me and asked questions which were "how the tick boxes work" for me. I am past ESA but still just within the cut off age for review of DLA and feel like you very anxious as I would hate to lose my car it helps my independence when I am able to drive.

    oldie b

  • thanks dear oldieB i have review for DLA too in 2015

  • I used 'Benefits and Work' website when filling in my ESA form. They have in-depth guides on how to fill in these forms and even have examples of what to write. I found it invaluable as its so hard to know how to complete the forms!

    I received a letter 4 weeks after submitting form, stating I've been placed in Support Group & don't need to attend a medical. I was so pleased and put it down to the guides I used to fill the form in.

    Good luck with everything x

  • thanks very much that's very good idea i will use this website.take care

  • I wish I had been on this site to have had help when filling in ESA formsI attended medical but my husband came with me. Got placed in work and support group so I have made an appeal they have got back to us saying they are going to have another look before the appeal to assess whether I can be placed in support group. Its stress we dont need and I put this down to me being in so much pain at the moment.

    Good luck akram and all others in this position.


  • i understand you darling i am really anxious about medical assessment i will send my form at end of next week but i don't know how long after i have to go for medical examination.

    take care

  • I think from what I have read in the past you would need very strong medical evidence as to why you couldn't attend a medical. Like has been said you may be entitled to a home visit, but just from reading many, many posts I would say they would more likely to turn down your claim based on the lack of evidence, unless you can provide otherwise...... I know that's not what you want to hear...... Sorry Im Just being honest and my opinion, that's all. Good luck. (((Hug)))

  • hi fibro thanks very much for your information.

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