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Thoughts on Gabapentin?

I can't decide whether to go and ask my GP about starting Gabapentin- I saw a new rheumatologist last week as I've moved area, but he was quite frankly rubbish, didn't speak english well/couldn't understand what I was saying to him either, and knew naff all about fibromyalgia and just wanted to do more tests all over again (Which I've had hundreds of times), because of the risk of arthritis related to my Inflammatory Bowel Disease, even though I was trying to explain to him I've already be diagnosed with fibro and just want treatment for it, he said the only treatment for it was Amitriptyline (which I can't tolerate) and to maybe increase my doslepin (which my GP started, on my request, he'd never heard of it as he knows naff all about fibro too!!)

So don't know whether to wait until the 'results' come back and I see the rheumy again to ask about gabapentin or just to go to my GP now and ask for it.

From what I've read about it, lots of people seem to find it helpful. I'm worried about the side effect of weight gain though as I really can't afford to gain any more weight after 18 months on steroids.

Any thoughts/experience appreciated.

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Firstly I am not impressed with the sound of your rheumatologist either... If you can't tolerate amatriptaline ... I can't either to go back on it sounds simply ridiculous and secondly amatriptaline is not advisable to be taken with dosulepin.... The locum at my surgery put me on it with dosulepin I felt terrible went back to my own GP the next week and he immediately took me off them saying there is a risk of them interacting not well together.... I take dosulepin 75mg at night with 0.5 mg clonezapam .... And I get sleep. Med induced but its 7 hours of sleep...

There are plenty of meds available for fibro its just a matter of finding out which ones suit you and which ones you can tolerate that's why a half decent GP is important so that you can safely try until you find the right combo for you... Personally I can't comment on gabapentin. As its one I didn't have to try before I found my combo that suits me.... As for more blood tests I do agree on that they may throw up nothing new and it is fibro , but it may show arthritis as you are at risk from it ... So maybe ask for a compromise ... Blood tests. And some input from your GP willing to try you on gabapentin or something else... please don't be fobbed off with something you have already tried and doesn't agree with you .... I have also tried that in my journey to find the right meds and if it doesn't suit you the first time it's not going to change

Good luck

VG x


I Have amytriptaline and Garbapenthin, I am great on this not exactly perfect but much better. was put on pregablin but this drug didn't do a thing it just made me worse and I ended up in a fibro fog that lasted ages and could have done without as I was in the middle of a module for my OU studies, I would advice another practice doctor or some or another practice.


It works for some, doesn't work for others. Unfortunately there's no way to tell if it could help you without trying. Finding medications for Fibro that both help you and are acceptable (in terms of side effects, etc) is often a long process of trial and error.


Tramadol, Amitriptylene and Gabapentin, work well for me.


Hi Pheonix, I cant take amytriptaline either im on sertraline, I ahve also taken Gabapentin for some time now, I put on a little weight, but do try watch my diet and not eat junk food which does pile on the weight, for what little weight I have put on outways the little relief i get taking the gabapentin, (hope ive said that the right way round) it helps the restless leg too, go to gp and ask to try them, a lotof doctors think they are the best for fibro, originally they were for epilectic fits but found to help pain in fibo because the fibro effects all our nerve endings, do try them, but bear in my mind what suit one person doesnt neccessarily suit another, and what ever drug yo take you have to give it a fair go as it could take a while for our body to adjust to it, gentle hugs coming your way ....Dee xx


Hi Pheonix, I was on gabapentin for a long time (over five years) and lost weight! I did have some bad side-effects so now I'm on pregabalin (Lyrica) (just since 2 weeks ago) which seems a lot better except it gives me bad headaches so I'm having to take more sumatriptan with it.

I didn't honestly like gabapentin much but it is effective.

Good luck with getting something that really helps you,




Tried Gabapentin and it did nothing at all so came off of it and then tried Pregablin as it is similar and it gave me terrible stomach cramps and the trots (sorry) after 2 doses so never used it again either. I don't have a lot of luck with drugs it seems. As has been said different things suit different people and as with many chronic illnesses, trial and error is the key until you find something that suits.


I was on Gabapentin for about 16 months, it didn't help me at all and i suffered so much with my Fibro pain and the side effects. I only managed to get changed over to Pregabalin when i was rushed into hospital as i kept collapsing . I underwent loads of tests and then it was decided i was changed over, however its not a simple change over as you have to be weaned off one before starting another , i was monitored closely . Luckily Pregabalin is helping me much better, i am also now on Tramadol which is so much better for my pain. We know that with Fibro there will never be a pain free situation but at least my quality of life is so much better now . Hope this helps you decide... if it was me i would have insisted first time round to be given Pregabalin


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