Hi Everyone, just to let you all know. I have had a reply from pips .I am getting the enhancement payment.Great news I only went for my accessment 4 Weeks ago.I am so pleased had a lot of fits and my colitis flared up .I have been in a right state,but maybe now everything will settle.I hope everyone of you who has applied for pips gets it .Good luck and love to you all

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  • That's brilliant news doddsy I'm so pleased for you, as you say hopefully everything settles down and you can relax, I think mines up for renewal soon but I'm not stressing about it till it arrives, so nice to have good news, love and wishes to you xx

  • Thanx and good luck when you get your renewal.love and best wishes to you xx

  • Well done for your good news....I do hope things settle down for you now and you can think of something else other than PIP's!!!! x

  • That's really good news for you ☺

  • Nice to hear news of successful applications.

    Well done on your good news .

    Take care



  • Wonderful news I am so pleased for you hopefully you can now relax as it is so stressful waiting. Iknow as I am awaiting my decision. Take care.x

  • That's great news

  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations

  • Lovely news :) Hopefully you can relax now xx

  • Congratulations my friend that is absolutely wonderful news to read! :) :)

  • Fantastic that you received what you deserved, well done for your perseverance!

  • Hello there. Hope today finds you reasonably OK?

    Not being nosey but........did you get the enhanced rate in both care and mobility?

    I've not been so "lucky" (not too sure if that's quite the right word, I would much rather be fit and well and not having to receive PIP), I received the standard rate for both. The care part is fine as that must be the same as middle rate of DLA (although I was only 1point away from enhanced!), as is exactly the same money but the mobility part means I lose my only way of getting out, my mobility scooter. So my lovely lady at CAB is doing a report for the Tribunal stage. At Mandatory stage, DWP kept the result the same.

    I am unable to walk any steps without pain and after more steps I am in agony.

    "Congratulations on your award. I genuinely am so pleased for you.

    Healing and fluffy hugs to you all.

    Mary x x

  • Hi, yes I did get the enhanced rate on mobility and care.I think the same as you.I would rather be free of this terrible illness and not get pips at all. Surely they won't take your scooter from you if you already have it. I wish you the very best of luck at your tribunal.I will keep my fingers crossed for you.Love to you.

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