I sat on the bus coming home from work..the thought was ' I feel awesome'...the more I thought it the better I felt.

Still exhausted, still sore feet, legs, etc but...I felt awesome...this is my life, however good/bed/indifferent...its mine. I don't have to waste energy wishing/hoping it will get better, it might/it might not but it doesn't need my precious energy.

This life might not be what I hoped for/expected/was told it would be/ get my drift I'm sure...

I don't need to care what others think of me..I was given a gift on Wed... I went to a birthday party for one of my Great nieces...and on two occasions I 'shared a moment'...I received such a lovely, warm,twinkly smile....there is still a child within me that feels like that...and its about time she was allowed out to play.

I have soo much to be grateful for, thankful for and I need to remember that...I should take a copy of this because I know that 'this to shall pass'....but it will come back again and just for today life is AOK

For those of you having a bad day, sorry...keep plodding...I'm off for a lie down now...savour the feeling!!

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  • Hi jc.....Strangely I also am having an "awesome moment"...... You are right we cannot do any more than we do and I decided to plant bulbs (or the rest of them!) in pots and they have gone in all together -- some up some down some big some small....let you know what happens in the Spring!!!! Keep that upbeat feeling and long may it last....xx

  • Thanks Trikki

    I will!

    I look forward to the pics of ur flowers in the spring x

  • What a great positive attitude, i love it. ☺

  • Me too!! just glad got some energy to share it....xx

  • What a truly beautiful and wonderful post my friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken

    Thanks Ken

    Last few months have been very tough but have made it through and its good to start emotionally feeling better which helps me cope with the physical stuff better.

    Has been a great help reading the post on here - they have helped a lot to stop me feeling so isolated and given me some pointers as to how to cope with the work situation - and realising that it is just a job - however much I value it!

    It sometimes seems that I keep going through the same thing/situations again and again and to a certain extent I do...that's life! Its how I deal with it and react to it that makes the difference.

    Being able to put a metaphorical 'gap' between myself and the illness helps, stops me being consumed by it.

    Enjoy the day.

  • Thanks and good luck my friend :)

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