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OMG willi ever be pain free :(

I take my tablets, i am able to do less and less per day and my pain is doing my nut in!!!!!

I have been virtually housebound for 7 weeks now as some rotters stole my mobility scooter and taxis are just sooo expensive!

I cannot even walk to my local shop and all i have is fibro.

Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem with pain???

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Hi wicca mom, no you are not alone :( I do not go out unless someone is with me, last time i did i fell on the steps leading down to my flat, now im facing surgery on it due to landing on the hand i had had joint replacement on. I take my meds, try to do the light exercise the physio gave to me and im still in pain. I feel i have no life at all!!! When i do go out i cant walk very far. i cant sit in a car for too long..... its a no win situation for me. I try to keep occupied with my crafts when the pain is not to bad..... thats all I seem to have now :( Blessings Willow xx


Awww willow, sorry to hear about your hand. Luckily i have not injured myself badly in a few years (touch wood). I have just read the Q about hemp oil capsules so have ordered those and also going to try the magnesium and malic acid, there is much info out there but its judging which to try first lol.

I have had an awful night with pain so will take my tabs n go back bed i think, after the school run though haha! I have just been granted taxis for my daughter to get to school.


I to Im fed up with the pains, mine are never ending, I dont have a break from them at all, then its just one thing failing after another, Willow I hope you can find some relef


God Pain!!! I,m out of my mind with it. I haven't been out since last Christmas as its too painful to walk around and I,m so tired all the time. Just told my husband not to take any notice of me when I keep letting out a little "oh God" every now and then. Just have to blow my top now and then. Glad I dont have any children at home now as I would never be able to manage. Is there no let up with this bloody pain - just 1 day would do. Its literally everywhere. Went to doctors this morning for blood tests and nurse told me my blood pressure was sky high. Don't wonder, its coping with this bloody pain. Oh well, thats something else to worry about.

Keep smiling.haha!.


i cant believe so many of us suffer so much and still there is nothing on the market they can give us to help with the pain!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there any way we could get a petition going to the government to put some funds into looking into helping?/ they seem to waste an awful lot of cash on things that really do not benefit anyone, especially their own paychecks lol!

RANT ........ sorry but when anyone says oooo my back is aching today i always wonder how they would cope with the pain we have daily!!!!


I don't know if you can get this in the UK. It's called red quall oil. What it does is lubricates your joints. You can also use Glucosamine 1500 with Chondroitin. Both of these you buy in a health store. Little bit cheaper in the vitamin department of the super markets. You will notice they work in about a hour if that.


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