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A study led by Dr. Morando Soffritti, a cancer researcher from Italy, found that even in doses much lower than claimed to be safe, animals were developing several different forms of cancer when aspartame was added to their food.

"The results of this mega-experiment indicate that APM [aspartame] is a multipotential carcinogenic agent, even at a daily dose of 20 mg/kg body weight, much less than the current acceptable daily intake. On the basis of these results, a reevaluation of the present guidelines on the use and consumption of APM is urgent and cannot be delayed."

Aspartame and the brain

If the prospect of cancer is not enough to deter you from drinking diet soda or consuming processed foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners, consider the effect that aspartame has on your neurons and your cognitive function. In a study published in Redox Biology, researchers found aspartame may essentially program your brain cells to die.

These biochemical and mitochondrial changes alter the functional activity in your brain, resulting in altered neuron function and neurodegeneration. The researchers theorized the results were from the effects of methanol molecule or the metabolite, formaldehyde or formate. This study also demonstrated that long-term use of FDA approved levels of aspartame distort your brain function. ("HELLO")

Another compound found in aspartame, phenylalanine, is delivered in excessive amounts and depletes your brain of serotonin, possibly one of the factors responsible for the increased number of people suffering from depression who regularly eat foods sweetened with aspartame.

For many years I have theorised that Aspartame may be at least partially responsible for my fibro today,,, it is after all primarily a Neurotoxin!

It is almost impossible to buy a squash type drink for diluting without it being loaded with artificial sweeteners today,, yet caring mothers and fathers load it into the trolly and give it to their children unaware of the case against it. 99.9% of these drinks on the shelf contain the substance in abundance,, I am not exaggerating,,, it will take much searching to find the one or perhaps two without it on the supermarket shelf.

Sweeteners are being loaded into a ever growing range of foods, even toothpaste has it ,,, you must read the label. Never assume it is safe!

No Sweetener is safe.


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  • I agree x

  • Very interesting

  • Opened my eyes

  • Hi Rayb. OMG I've used sweeteners for 20 yrs and used it in cooking etc. I have fibro, asthma,type 2, arthritis and also have a benign piturity gland tumour for 14yrs. I've also had deppression on and off for years. I'm not using it any more.

  • If I were you I would be going off ALL Wheat and Dairy and Soy for a while to see how you are without it. You are down to basics Fruit, Meat and Veg and if you really have to do cereal in the morning that KoKo milk is OK as long as there is no wheat in the cereal,,,, Tesco Corn Flakes are OK.

    You don't know until you try.

    I am minding a friends little Sitsu for a month,,, I have had her two weeks .

    She had major breathing problems when I got her and a constant choking like there was something in her throat.

    I stopped giving her the food and treats they were giving her and she shares my food,, Wheat Dairy and Soy free,,, No Eggs either. She is a new dog the breathing problems and choking totally gone,, she is losing a little weight and is now as bright as a button.

    I also stopped the medicine the vet was prescribing every month for the last year. Before her owner went she said that they were very aware of her getting old and health rapidly deteriorating and if she died while they were away that I must not feel bad.

    I think she will be very surprised when they get back as she is getting a dog 10 years younger that can jump around and run around like a pup again,,, she is coming 14.

    When I say ALL I mean READ EVERY LABLE if you must buy anything that you have not prepared yourself.

    If you do try it let me know how it goes.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • Thanks for your reply Rayb. I have been thinking the last 2 months I might give the dairy and wheat a miss for a while and see how it goes. One of my brothers has a dairy allergy (he's now vegaterian )and has asthma and rocea. My sister has a little dog with long hair I think it's a terrier of some sort with the same problem as your friends so I will speak to her about it. I will let you know how I get on I will defiently give it a go. I knew the sweeteners couldn't be good. I am allergic to eggs and chicken. I'm on holiday for 2 weeks in Spain and will start when I get back. Many thanks for your help. Will keep in touch.

  • I forgot to say well done for sorting the little dog out 😊

  • Don't forget the Soy! Thats a biggie !!

    Have a nice holiday,,, !

  • As far as I know I don't eat any. I don't eat Chinese food but will check labels 😬

  • And thank you 😊

  • Your most welcome!

  • Totally agree

    Searched all over for a fruit drink for a 1 year old who refuses to drink water ,Health food shops .specialist baby foods unable to find anything only PLJ Lemon juice too tart for a 1 year old .

    Advised to dilute pure fruit juice


  • Yes me too. And agree PLJ is too tart. More suitable for salad dressings. Now I blend fresh fruit and a banana seems to sweeten the drink. Melon is a refreshing drink. I stopped using sweeteners a few months ago but I'd been using for them for years - so maybe damage has been done. They are in everything! Anything with the words "diet", "no added sugar", "sugar free" etc.

    I can't understand why this is not on headline news on TV. There needs to be more publicity about the dangers of this.

  • "I can't understand why this is not on headline news on TV. There needs to be more publicity about the dangers of this."

    I think by this you perhaps mean the Controlled Media,,, the answer is Vested Interests and Profits. Not that it would mater as the drug companies that make the stuff will just give a grant to some university to do a study, they will then dismiss whatever information they are not happy with and a glowing report will be produced stating that they are amazed at some miraculous effect the stuff seems to be responsible for,, probably something like children taking higher amounts of sweeteners are getting straight AAA's and they can't understand why but XXXX university of wonder is going to do research that is expected to last ten years to study the phenomena in relation to this innocent sweetener. ,,,, now that WILL be all over the headlines like there is no tomorrow, mothers will rush out to buy the bottle with the most in it, and for once scouring the label. All of a sudden everyone will taking it by the spoonful and giving it to the granny, but most important of all making sure Little Johnny gets his extra big dose before putting his school bag on.

    Something like that comes along and you will probably go buy it yourself,, think about it!

    You may call me cynical but cancer industries profits must be protected in advance, it don't matter about little johnny's tumour in ten years time,, Big pharma have chemo and profit to look after.

    TV is not there for your benefit,,, there is a wonderful book, out of print now, "The Glass Teat" it's eye opening!

    Of course I will not have a TV in the house,,, Sorry I mean "Brain Washing Machine"


  • Thanks my friend that is really interesting. I am allergic to saccharin so I do not have sweeteners in the house.

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