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Brain Scans Detect Fibromyalgia

Written by linda on March 17, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Brain Scans Detect FibromyalgiaBrain scans detect fibromyalgia! Yes!! Finally a physical finding to say that fibromyalgia is a disease that’s not psychosomatic.

The Dr. Oz show that was aired on 3/12/12 showed a picture of a brain scan of someone with fibromyalgia. That scan showed an area down the center of the brain and across the top of the frontal cortex in a bright blue. It was explained that this area of the brain had a very low blood supply. It was also explained that this was the area of the brain that was directly connected to pain processing and emotional responses to pain. No wonder the brain doesn’t know when to shut off its pain sensors, it’s not nourished. The scan that detects these changes in brain function is called a photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan. It’s nice to know that brain scans detect fibromyalgia.

On November 3rd a study was release from Marsielle, France. This study included thirty women, twenty had fibromyalgia and ten were normal. A 100 question fibromyalgia test was given to these women. This test also showed differences in brain function between the women with fibromyalgia and those without. This study was conducted by Dr. Guedj and his colleagues. The twenty women with fibromyalgia were diagnosed according to tests that the American College of Rheumatology uses.

An increased score on this test indicated that low blood flow occurs in the left anterior temporal cluster. This area of the brain sets at about the area of the ear on the left side. This hypoperfusion (low blood flow) showed up the most in the polar and mediobasal cortices.

According to Dr Guedj the results of this test indicated that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central part of the brain where pain sensations are heightened.

The results of these findings might explain why doctors can’t find and physical reasons for fibromyalgia.

Other tests were given to these women besides the 100 questions. They were given tests that rates pain on a scale, a French version of the McGill Pain Questionnaire, the Questionnaire Doleur de Saint-Antoine scale, and the Tubingen Pain Behavior Scale.

The only results that were compared to the SPECT scans were the results from the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire.

“The relationship between somatosensory hyperperfusion and fibromyalgia clinical severity is reported for, to our knowledge, the first time and reinforces the central sensitization hypothesis,” they wrote.

Low blood flow to the left anterior temporal region, which is part of the limbic system, could lead to an explanation regarding another aspect of fibromyalgia – Brain fog.

There was another study from the University of Michigan Health Services. This study shows that persons with fibromyalgia suffer more pain from a gentle pinch that persons who don’t have it. In fact, the pressure from the pinch has to be twice as much for the persons who don’t have fibromyalgia to feel as much as those who do. The sense of pain shows up in different areas of the brain than the individuals with fibromyalgia.

This study also included fMRI’s that were performed on sixteen patients with fibromyalgia. fMRI is an extremely fast form of MRI. It is reported that the results of these tests give a road map of where the pain is felt in the brain.

Simply put, low blood flow to the central and left temporal portions of the brain could very well be a leading cause for the pain and confusion that we fibromyalgia patients suffer with. Thank goodness it’s not “in our heads” like some physicians still think it is. Then again, it looks like maybe it really IS in our heads. It’s nice to know brain scans detect fibromyalgia.

Please click on the enclosed links for the full reports mentioned in this article.

Brain Scans Detect Fibromyalgia

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21 Replies


Just wonder why it's taken so long!

All we need now is some research into how to get that part of the brain to function properly!

Thanks for the info.


omg debbie,

Thankyou for sharing. :)

This is very intresting, will you please keep us informed as much as you can on these findings. I am not very good at reading up on things etc..

kel xxx


very interesting thank you :)


nope. I just checked the calendar. it's not April 1st lol.

wow, some progress at last, eh? am wondering how we come to have such terrible heads/migraines if there's so little blood flow to that part of the brain.

I suspect we'd have more chance of convincing people of a visitation by aliens than convincing people that Fibro is real and has an organic cause!


So agree sammi if this was done in the states its going to take 15yrs to be done here.

have a good day :-p


I belong to a fibro group on facebook and somebody added the link, i nearly cried when i saw it, will definitely be showing it to my Dr, as he thinks this illness doesn't exist!!


morning Christine,I have just had a read of of the site you googled and

it make for some facinating reading.

I think we all if we can (I can`t) print this off, and when called for dla or such like, put it under thier noses and say read that.

When will this country catch up and smell the coffee so`s to speak.

Have a good day Butterfly :-)


I think this is great news, but what links? Do I need to google like ChristineEls or did I miss something? I would like confirmation that I have FM as even though my doctor says I do, many have said I don't and I feel in limbo sometimes. Usually in my depression/anxiety week which I am in at the moment. Maybe if I show this to my doctor and enough of us do it will get back to the people who have power that maybe we should have it too!?

Soft hugs


Google it hun fascinating reading :-0


Try this link:

It provides the story as something you can share, cut copy and paste to take to your doctor or show at work etc.

Soft hugs all


Thanks Sarah-jane have put it in favourites and will get a friend to print it out.

The more of us that stick it under the noses of suppossed DR`s

DLA and suchlike the better.

Come on U.K and get with it and catch up with findings please.

hugs butterfly :-)


Thanks Lynn-FA, should make things easier.

Soft hugs


Just had a thought.

This is all well and good but what oh what is the cure.

If believed I suppose it would ease the depression and anxiety we feel about this rotten condition.



i would have thought that if it was to do with blood flow, then thining the blood would have a positive effect. I have been on asprin for nearly 2 years and it has not improved for me. obviously it wont be as simple as this and it is a very interesting article. if they know the cause, then may be there is hope for us to get some better treatment - perhaps even a cure one day.

well done for finding this article, thank you. xxx

i dont feel 100% today - although not foggy inside just pain


FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY a scientific reasoning for all the crap we're going through!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


thank you for that. you given me something to hope for. maybe oneday somebody will find us a cure. keep us informed thank you


Thanks for the share Debbie theres light at the end of the tunnell after all

thanks again Tres


Now THIS is very interesting, before being diagnosed arouns 12 years ago, I had 2 brain scans over a period of time, and on the 2nd one I was told that although the scan appeared to be normal 'apart from a small area which looked unusual' but he said he didn't think it was anything to worry about, unless I had any neurological symptoms again.

(The onset of my 4 years diagnosis trip started with having some kind of blackout/fit) It would be interesting to get another one done to see if that is what the doc saw back then?


Frustrated again that when I clicked submit comment it just vanished into the ether !

I nearly cried when I read it. Although I am a retired pharmacist my fog and lack of ability to concentrate leave me unable to comprehend the why's and wherefore's but I shall save the links for my G.P.


Hi Pharm - I am a retired community nurse, but when it comes to dealing with this stuff, it just doesn't matter a jot. It's possible that the reason for my fybro is due to being pensioned off after 25 years service with 2 slipped discs in my lower back.but who knows where it comes from?

I am so glad I found this site this weekend


can we all get one and then when people say what rond with you you look fine we can say look at this this is why this is what is rong we have an illness and it is reale .not just make belive . :)


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