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Hi everyone,I had my assessment today.I was in there for 1 and a half hours with a Nurse.She was lovely with me.She asked me lots of questions about my day to day life.I told her the truth about having to sleep on my recliner most nights because I can't lift my legs to get up the stairs. Also my Doctor has advised me to get a stair lift.I am going to be assessed for one .I can honestly say the Nurse I had was very understanding,but that does not mean I will get Pips.I will just have to wait and see.Thank you all for your help and I will let you know what happens in about 4 to 8 weeks time. The people on this site are all lovely .

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  • in my experience you can usually tell if its going to "No" with negative vibes coming back from the assessor, you had a nurse, that's great someone with more understanding of pain sufferance.. Good Luck it sounds positive!

  • Hope everything goes well for you. Was due to have my PIP assessment next week but I asked for a centre nearer my home so it is now delayed until beginning if Oct. All we can hope is for an assessor who believes what we say. Fingers crossed for a good result for you.x

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you.....sounds hopeful!

  • Hi doddsy , I wish you a great outcome!!Best wishes. Peck.🐤

  • Hi

    I am so glad that she was nice and understanding.

    Let's hope that you get it ok.

    Good luck and fingers and toes crossed.

    Best wishes.

  • If you have to fund your own stairlift I suggest a company called brooks

    It's around £1800 compared to 7000 acorn want to charge

  • The social work can help with or pay for stair lift. I moved to ground floor flat and gave up my house as just couldn't manage.so the stairs and house was to big.stressful moving but worth it even got new flat with ensuite

  • I'm glad it went OK good luck ☺

  • I called them today so I'm at the getting the form stage

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome.

  • Thank you ever so much

  • :)

  • Hi,I got news on Wednesday from Pips and they have given me the enhancement payment.I am so pleased as I have had lots of fits and flare up of colitis with worry . Everything might settle now.I love this site even though I don't post on it very often .I also love all the people on it and wish all of them who have applied for pips the very best of luck.

  • That is absolutely wonderful my friend! I am genuinely delighted for you :)

  • I hope that you get a fast reply, I had an home assessment in July, I then had a letter weeks ago to say that they had all the information they needed but I have still heard nothing


    My wife says not to worry as I am still being paid and I still have my car the way she sees it is no news is good news but I worry that if I lose my car that I would not be able to get about at all I just wish I knew that's all.

  • Hi,I had the same letter and got a reply to say I got pips a month after the letter.Hope you have had your reply and it was good news

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