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Exhausted or wide awake!

I slept away most of Sunday, getting up at 11am, back to bed at 1pm until 5pm then back to bed at 9am when I slept all night! Last night I was tired but couldn't sleep at all, tossed and turned all night seeing every hour on the clock. Does anybody else get episodes like this?

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To be fair the only time I don't sleep like this is when i take sleepers, I am only allowed a limited amount of them so I have to take them sparingly


I have spates of sleeping long periods (days uninterrupted), and spates of very very interrupted sleep (like being wide awake but exhausted all night). I think what you are discussing is part and parcel of fibro? I try to treat each day differently, but have cut down on caffeine after my morning wake up cuppa ( whenever that is lol)as I have found myself to be very reactive to it. One small glass of Coke can keep me awake but very exhausted for up to 2 days at a time!!


i dont sleep well at night , i dont go to bed till about 1 ish , then im tossing and turning , i have to get up at 7 , when not at work i get my daughter up and out for school then go back to bed and sleep till dinner .then other days i m up at 7 the will not go to bed till 1ish , just wish i could sleep normally


yes fun is it NOT ... i too have odd times when i sleep then others when i can be so tired but so unhappy and awake ... gentle dyslexic hugs


Oh my sleep is all over place some night are so restless with the odd good nightnight in between. still wake up un fresh (non rostrative, i think its called) if i do manage to sleep I am impossible to wake.

I try to practice good sleep hygiene ( that what i have read calls it)

Like have - a set bedtime + wake up time every day

have my room at a comfortable temp

comfortable nightware

no tv or computer in bed - says bed should only b4 sleep &

1other thing ;)

I also have a warm drink & a hot bath.

Sometimes all this works, then others still staring at the ceiling at 6 am, as hubby snores away peacfully besides me.

So every night the same, just try again.

Interesting you say about long periods in the day,

I am often so exhausted in a day, I could happliy get in my bed and sleep, but so scared this will not help at night, so try to avoid at all cost.

So dont know the solution, am sure we all conitue looking. Anyone find one let me know. lol

Hope we all sleep the best we can lou x


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