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Do I or don't I!

I had back surgery in 2008 and upper back surgery in 2010 and have been told I need a further back operation for spinal stenosis. I also have had FM for some 10 years, so it is difficult to differentiate between where pain is actually coming from. I'm worried if I have further back surgery, because of the FM I won't feel any benefit from it. Anyone else been in this situation?

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Hello....Have you discussed this with your doctor's as they may be able to give you more idea if this will help your pain...I do hope you get some ease soon....

Trikki x


im going to need surgery on my coccyx and wonder the same thing. lots of other tests and ops for other things first but it will be on the cards. hard to know what to do really isn't it

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Hi my friend

It is a difficult one to answer? I have never perosnally been it your position and we are all unique individuals and these things always tend to turn out differently? As Trikki says it may be best to see what you doctor says?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



i have spinal stenosis along with several bulging discs. add fibro etc.and it's no fun. like you i've had previous surgeries. it took forever to recover so i've gotten to the point that when i see a surgeon i ask him if i will be unable to walk if don't have this surgery. when the answer is "yes" then i'll comply. in the meantime i get injections, acup., and massage therapy. we all have different types of back issues,different other issues so please talk with your dr., your surgeon and try to get additional info before having surgery.


Thanks all for your replies. The surgeon told me an operation is most likely the best solution, 75% success rate, the trouble is I know this will diminish as I get older. I've had all the meds and injections one could possibly have over the years, all with no relief and usually cause me other problems, eg hiatus hernia. I did speak to GP and she said I really need to run through again with the surgeon the likely outcome of surgery, I'm seeing him in 10 days time, so hopefully will get more answers. I think I'm erring on the side of having the op.

Other than that chin up everyone and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!! X


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