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To see clinical neurophyscologist again or not??

2 sessions of which i do not have mental illness or need

Physciatric help, i am a business woman.

He suggested some sessions to help with coping symptoms etc.

The likes of IBS and FM are physcological what are your views?!

Our symptoms are real but not neat as no answer to the cause, in which case the

Sessions are to dig up old ground to find what caused it.

Mine only started from 2010 from trauma of operation. But the cervical cord compression is not causing all the symptoms! Soooo this sways me more to the trapped nerves in operation

Under going hernia surgery. Hmmmmm xxxxxxxxx

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Ps this is what he said of me not needing physciatric help lol.

There is no word as 'normal' either. Confused. I like any of uou would love to have back what i used to have!! Xxx



Please take the time to look at this video - this guy was over in the UK from the US last week and I was lucky enough to meet him after a lecture.

Good luck x


I cannot view a video? Whats it about? Can u pist a link.

Please take note that all these things said in my query is via the brain specualist lol.



Hi fairy,

I think if you google Dr Holman You Tube, you should come up with something like I understand some peeps from here saw when he was in Bournemouth. It makes very interesting viewing !

muchly dottii x


Yeah i listened tomite for an hour lol and yes even my hubby listened

And said 'thats you all over' he obviously understands sufferers so i going to look into a home tai chi video. Xx thankyooo for that hugggles xxxxxxx


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