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I think i need to speak to my doctor, lack of sleep is really a problem, tramadol keeps me awake, and amitriptiline is not working, i was told not to take a tramadol at night and take 2 amitriptline, but this isnt working for me either, not enough pain relief at night and feel like a zombie until about 3pm the next day

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Hi Suzu Wow your those drugs Iv been on them Tramadole bloody things be carful you may cold turkey if you come of of them they are pian killers Amtriptilyne anty depressants are the working Why don't you ask your doctor for something to help your sleep and maybe paramole for your pain I'm not medically. Trained but have tried a lot of medication Had Fibr for10 years You shouldn't be suffering I hope you get there Xxx

Are you awake now in pain ?

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only my knee hurts as i have an injury, not as bad now as i have put more anti-inflam gel on it ( i cant take anti-inflamm orally) seeing orthpaedic tomorrow, i dont sleep because i am constantly thinking about stuff, even my hypnosis CD doesnt work when im like this

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Well you got to get you head round things honey it really hard for you I can see but take one step at a time and don't be fobbed off with serious drugs that don't help you Be happy xxx

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Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

I was told by my Rhumatologtist to take tramadol for chronic pain, fibro and arthritis. I have had insomnia for years before i even started taking tramadol

O you no them too yea agree with all you say We know what our body's can take I'm adicted to Loranzipam but they do get me a few hours sleep I got my self of those hard drugs Iv got Tinnatas too so really difficult sometimes

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ooo my partner has tinnitis, he has 'pillow speakers' he got off the internet, i think, they help at night

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Yea tried those ended up in a pillow fight I listen to crickets at night and Iv got wooshing hearing aids. it drives me mad 👹

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Iv tried a lot of things and vitamins I will get tested see I'm low on that Or I will just buy sum thanks for the tipYour up late really warm in Essex tonight What's it like we're you are ?

Yea read it I too have been on the roundabout of drugs but then I studied up on them as Ivan see you have xx

i have no idea, probably depression as ive had two breakdowns over the past 20 years or so, i get anxiety too, anyhoo i going to try sleep again now as feeling tired, nighty night and cheers for feedback

Yea agree mind you I'm lucky I don't pay know more I'm a young 60 so get medication for free I was put on morpheme patches I thought great they work Then got hooked came of and got serious cold turkey for three weeks We are a pill popping nation

Totally agree as pharmacists say no more than 3 days.

I have to agree that many medications need another medication to counteract side affects. I am taking a few like this myself. I take steroids therefore I need Alendronic Acid and Acrette D3.

This is quite interesting? There was a post that I replied too a few days ago regarding vitamin B12. As important as it is to general health apparently it is very easy to overdose on this with quite serious consequences. Many of the more up-to-date website now carry warnings of all kinds of vitamin overdoses.

Hi SuzeWooze

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of Fibro information:

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are having sleep issues and it may prove beneficial to ask your GP for a referral to a sleep clinic to try and ascertain what is causing the issue?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Sorry to hear that. It sounds to me like you don't have strong enough pain med and to much amitriptyline or may be taking it to late.I hope you get it sorted. Good luck.Peck 🐤

Heya, my experience of amytriptilene is that at first it helped sleep, then it made it worse. Tramadol also gave me insomnia ( and was horrendous to withdraw from) and I'm going to try to get off Cocodemol because of this too, Drugs are such a mine field, God!

zopiclone (or zombie clone) used to help me get a few hours sleep but gave me the munchies about 20 minutes after taking it so had to stop that.

Bloody Fibro eh?

I'm trying to think of something helpful lol. All I can think is go back to doc and ask about zombie clone and perhaps muscle relaxants? Then on top of that do all the usual suspects like hot milk, lavender, warm bath bla bla bla.... 😉

Hoping you find the solution soon. Xx

Had a lovely lavender bath tonight thanks x has helped with back and hips but have had to put ice in knees lol x

Aww, ouchy. I hope you get some decent rest/sleep tonight. ☺

Did you take amitriplin before 8pm x

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Yes usually, but I had a nap yesterday afternoon as felt ill and body like lead, then didn't take until about 9pm so that's probably why, also quite anxious about appointment tomorrow , I was tired though but that doesn't seem to make any difference! 😉

Tramadol ??? Don't do it unless you REAALLY have to....

Was prescribed this after my cvst Oct 2014 ( rare kind of stroke) - needed some pain relief but I'm allergic to codeine and morphine.

Had to take it for a few weeks but was made aware of and found for myself the very bad side effects it had. spoke to pharmacist and neurologist as soon as I could and switched to amitryptyline - it was a tough switch to make - many days of cold turkey ( and I'm vegetarian !! )

I wouldn't take it ever again unless I was very very desperate!

Thanks for feedback. I take amitryptlele at night already, tramadol is the only thing that has helped with pain so far alongside gabapentine, otherwise pain is unbearable

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We're all different - but my pain was much less OFF the Tramadol - worth discussing with pharmacy /doctors again ??

Hi Size...

When I was exactly the same as you say there I went off the Tramadol (200mg both morning an night) an tried the BuTrans pain patches also instead of the amiptriptline I went on the Mirtazapine, this was along with the usual Lyrica Pregabalin and others for various other symptoms...sleep improved dramatically in a few days, pain an fatique was still a problem but the headaches which was constant disappeared...!

It is hard to find a balance as worsening symptoms chop an change so much...I had a big box in bedroom like a chemist shop but nothing ever seemed to hit the root causes an all the GP"S seemed to offer was symptom treatments plus all the various side effects!

Now I'm just taking the Pregabalin an starting "Guaifenesin" to see if it can reverse my FmS/CFS/ME condition as I found a book on the subject entitled "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyralgia" and have read some encouraging results from some folk about it...!

Here's hoping anyway...

Love an blessings an hope this may be of some help Suze...

Hughbro, N Ireland.

Still know the best thing I ever did wrt fibro/cfs symptoms was giving up diet coke and all artificial sweeteners .... took a bit of willpower - was definitely addicted - but pains in my hands / joints SO much better .... worth a go if not already tried/doing this ? :-)

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