Tramadol hitch?

I spoke to my GP and pharmacist about the 10th June Tramadol changes and how it would affect my repeat prescription. I was told it would go through as normal, the change was more to do with how the GP writes the script and how the pharmacist dispenses it, so not for me too worry about.

I was running low by Wednesday and still have severe back pain that nothing really touches, so emailed request, and even wrote in the comments box that I'd been told it wouldn't be affected by changes but that if there was a problem could they please contact me. Apparently not. When I collected my prescription on Friday night, no tramadol, no attached note, no phone call, no email. I've had an agonising weekend without them and can't sleep now for the lower back pain. I was wondering what experiences others have had since the change, and whether I'm to expect a battle tomorrow because of this? Not seeing GP until the end of July :( so can't wait. Thank you x

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  • Hi Jigsawcat

    I am so sorry to read that you have been left without your medication, and it really would have been simple common courtesy for somebody to pick up the phone and make you aware of any problems! I would be very tempted to get in touch with them first thing in the morning (assuming that you are up to it after a bad night?), and find out what has gone wrong with your prescription?

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with getting this issue sorted, and I hope that you are not in too much pain tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi jigsawcat, did you check with the pharmacist wether they were in another bag? Sometimes i have ended up with only half. A prescription as assistant forgot to pass on two packets. Or sometimes they are on two different scripts ( or in your case email), or doc will not write script as has not been full month since last repeat. These are just some of reasons i have not received meds, so may not actually be due to changes. On the other hand i could be talking absolue rubbish! hope you solve it soon.

  • Hi

    I didnt know that Tramadol was a controlled drug, so far I havent affected by the change I get a dosit box every week. Just done a ixquick search and it is saying that it is NOT a controlled drug in the UK. In a few states in the US it is classed as controlled drug. Not sure why you are having problems getting your Tramadol just check with the chemist to find out why it didnt get them with your prescription


  • It might be due the prescription not being done in time as a lot of doctors need 4 working day if it is done on the computer, my doctor does so it might be there today or tomorrow for collection. GP will be changing the way repeat prescriptions as they will computerized which should speed things up.

  • Hi, tramadol is now a controlled drug (I own a pharmacy). It may be that the item is at the pharmacy but stored in a different place, we store controlled drugs in a "safe". When collecting prescriptions these can easily be missed if the pharmacy is not aware you have a CD to collect, I would point out that you have a CD to collect.

    If your prescriptions are sent electronically then your "normal" items will be sent that way. DeeNJai, the new electronic system (EPSr2) will not send controlled drugs over the NHS spine. These still have to be written on the old paper prescriptions and collected from the surgery in the old way. If your pharmacy does this for you they need to be informed of the fact that you have a separate CD to collect from the surgery. We are new to EPSr2 and still trying to formulate procedures to mitigate against missing these CD's. Of course the surgery may have missed it on your request!

    regards, Mark.

  • Thank you so much for that Mark2657, it was very in formative and helped explain the new regulations.

    Thank you


  • Thanks for your replies everyone, just a small glitch because of the controlled drug issue, the tramadol was on a hand written script which was not with the other when collected to go to the pharmacy, I am now properly drugged and waiting for relief.... :) phew! X

  • i have to take tramadol to for the ibs because it affects my back and left side painful.

  • Oh I feel for you! I have IBS too, and when it's bad, my lower back is a zillion times worse. It's like being in spasm from the waist down :( (((((( hugs)))))) x

  • Mark .tramadol has no safe storage requirements

  • Hi there

    So sorry to hear you having a rough time. It is awful that noboby contacts us to let us know there has been a problem! Especially at the weekend. I put a repeat prescription in on Friday and have just been to collect it without any problem fortunately.

    Good luck toyou. Take care. Lyn x

  • Thank you xx to be fair, the pharmacy are absolutely brilliant and go above and beyond, but the surgery is one of the worst run I've ever seen. I've been spoilt with excellent GPs for the last 10 years, but moved area, and can't quite believe the difference here. I've been in to the desk before having been unable to get through to the relevant person, only to be told I couldn't speak to them as they worked in an office behind reception, rather than the recption desk itself. There is even a window. I've been told to try ringing again, and phoned from reception to watch the woman through the glass answer the phone...! Another time, I phoned to order a prescription, and was told I needed to call back on the ' prescription line', a one digit different number. When I have redialled, the same girl answered and just added 'prescription line' at the end of her introductory spiel. You couldn't make it up.... ;) xx

  • Oh my lord, you poor thing. Sounds like a scene from a sit-com!!!! :)

    Take care. Lyn x

  • I am not aware of any changes. My mail order pharmacy has not mentioned anything. I use a pain doctor. I find he knows exactly how to write for pain meds. You should call your GO right away. If you have been on Tramadol a long time you could experience withdrawal symptoms. Good luck.

  • Yes i. Have had the same trouble on getting tramadol i rang the doctors when my daughter collected my meds and the tramadol wasn't there i don't go out so i need to send my partner to the doctors to get them for me

  • I'd actually forgotten about the change when I put my request in last week. Went to collect it from chemist and it wasn't there. Next day I tried again, still not there. Took myself round to the surgery and the receptionist found it round back. I had to fill in a form about it being a controlled drug, then took it to chemist and they gave it to me as normal.

    On the plus side they have now put it on my repeat after months of me asking.

    Contact your GP and find out what's going on. I'm sure it'll be sorted. The only reason it's been changed to a controlled drug is due to its addictive nature. I don't take maximum doses (I hate taking pills) and only take when I'm desperate.

    Hope it all works out. :)

  • sorry to hear you have been having problem getting your tramadol i have had no problem at all.

  • Hiya Jigsawcat,

    I had a right game getting my prescription!!

    I asked for my prescription on the 11th of June i went to go collect it on the 16th (I had been busy working and still had enough to last me). When i went in i asked for it as usual at the chemist (its electronic) they told me they didn't have it so i went next door to the doctors and they said they had issued it to the chemist, so i went back to the chemist and told them. After half an hour of the chemist being on the phone trying to find it she told me it was stuck on the 'spine' whatever that is and she will get it ready for me when they get it off but it wouldn't be until tomorrow I said fine I will come back tomorrow. I went back they told me they couldn't issue my prescription because it wasnt signed. So I went next door to the doctors yet again and the receptionist (who was on the desk the previous day) went and got it signed for me straight away. Took it to the chemist waited 15 mins. The chemist then told me due to the reclassification of the Tramadol I need to ask the doctor to re-word my instructions. SO I took the prescription back to the Doctors again. The receptionist asked what do they want from us blood? Which I laughed at and she went away again to the doctor to explain my problem. The Doctor then issued me with a complete new prescription and so on the 17th of June at 15:30 I was finally able to get my tramadol!!!!!

  • Blimey! What a palaver! You've clearly got the patience of a saint, I'd have blown a fuse after the 2nd trip, but then I've been without and very sore so extra grizzly ;) x

  • I have 2 autistic brothers so patience is something I have learnt to have lol xx

  • Hello, your tramadol tests of patience are unbelieveable, what a mess for you all to put up with, with this news i am glad that i decided to give up the tramadol back in 2011 as i felt it was not working for me, so i started again back on the co-codamol firstly 8/500 which did'nt work then onto 15/500 which started getting to the spot, and just when i thought i was going well i noticed that the surgery had put up the doseage to 30/500, rather put out at this, but made up my mind to be as positive as possible with my pain control and how much meds i was taking, and i think i am doing a godd enough job for now. I felt that was i was on tramadol they had stopped working as well for me, and sometimes i felt 'out of it' and as i can still drive myself about, i was worried at having taken too many, so i am glad that i went back to co-codamol. Keep being pain free as much as possible, ttfn

  • Hi

    I have to say that for me it has not changed I still write

    Out in my request and still receive it just the same

    Maybe it was not put in by staff have you asked

    I believe the differience now is that the doctor have to hand write it as well as print.

    In the place I work the only differience is it goes into a

    Controled book and is counted and signed for, prisoners

    Tend to sell them in prison they don't take them the same

    But grind it into powder and sniff it. Yuck.

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