Hi,out there,its just gone midday,now fighting tiredness and aching all over,not sure if right or wrong but determined not to give in to this,My morning so far could not find my glasses,so i went to my exercise glass with dark sun glasses on for driving,took them off for the class ,so followed the instructor in a blur,now aching but feel exercise helps with the stiffness,went to the shop,brought,food and a bra,came home had picked up the wrong size bra so at some point will have to go back can't cope with that now,shopping bag fell on the kitchen floor 4 pints of milk every where can't believe the timing.the door bell rang as i answered it my 3 delighted dogs had licked up most of the milk was on my hand and knees cleaning the rest up,went into the lounge one of the dogs had been sick on the carpet more milk, Now sitting down with a strong coffee trying to stay awake ,and preparing myself for the rest of the day,I try to count my blessings,but would love a normal life was once normal.

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  • Oh how i remember having a normal life....... but it is fast becoming a very vague memory!

    Sorry you having a rubbish day

    Sending you cyber hugs to help cheer you up

    Lolly x

  • Thanks,needed that ,now sitting here cant stop the tears flowing can this day get any better

  • Oh no, some days are like that. Normal! Don't think I have ever been normal, now that I look back over the 69 years. Maybe when I was 2. After that - all seem to change. I truly am sending out good thoughts that your day gets better.

  • For the love of dogs - you have done enough go and have a sleep !!!! - sometimes you have to give up the fight - hope your day improves - Neese. 😊 x

  • tyes have given in ,i'am now lying on the settie,with my poodle next to me,and music on,xx Thanking all of you

  • buddymac48 , I wish uou a normal day and hope it comes very soon!!! Peck 🐤

  • Hi buddymac48

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of what an awful day you have had and I sincerely hope that tomorrow is much, much better for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • TThank you, my day ended up in Aand E till 3am in the morning. with my Daughter. to day is another day

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