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so...hi there!

I have had FMS for sixteen years. It was bad at the start, I had great difficulity in pacing myself. I eventually ended up using a wheelchair as the pain seemed to hit my hips and legs very badly. Due to my disability, Social Services got involved and eventually decided that my 3 wonderful children would be better off in care. So they were taken of me six years ago.

I began to suffer from severe clinical depression and I attempted suicide a few times. Thankfully I did not succeed and now, with the help of strong anti-depressants, I am almost my old self. My fibro had taken a back seat, the pain was annoying but not all encompassing. I even began to look after horses, riding them and enjoying life again. Until last night, that is.

I woke up this morning at four thirty crying in pain. My hips felt as though they were on fire and the pain ran from my lower back right down to my feet. Today has been no better - I am taking Tramadol and co-codamol as though it is going out of fashion. Nothing is helping. Bah!

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Hi wheelz-of-fire,

I am so sorry you had your children taken from you. :(

I think you have been overdoing it with all them horses, but i know exactly how you feel as it is effecting my lower back, hips and legs and ankles and it is so hard.

I dont take tramadol i take cocodamol and gabapentin and this pain never goes and i am sick of it now.

I hope you feel some ease of it soon.

big hugs , kel xxx


Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you had your children taken off you. I can only imagine how that left you feeling. Do you see them , especially as you have been feeling a lot better.

I am sorry to hear of your flare up in your hips and legs, could you go back to your GP and ask for different meds, or an increased dose of what you are already taking?

Good luck and hope you feel better tomorrow xx


Oh i am so sorry that your childern were put in care but hopefully you can start to rebuild yourself slowely and maybe one day you can open up your life to them again and get much pleasure from them i am not here to judge and everyone has to do what is best for all concerned you obviously did make that huge heart renching desicion, o hope that you continue to get yourself on the right track snfd start to feel like a normal person again thats all we all want to feel normal lol anyway you take care and hoe your pain eases soon at least we all know what you are going through on here love to you diddle x


Hi Wheelz-of-fire

Firstly welcome to this truly wonderful group so sorry that you have to be here.

I am also so sorry to hear about your children being taken into care that in itself must have been very traumatic and sent you into a downhill spiral so no wonder you were clinically depressed, do you pace yourself trouble is with us fibromites we get a good day and try to do everything and suffer for it.

Do you think you may have done too much with the Horses as they are hard work I know from experience alas I am unable to ride anymore but it must feel lovely gone all envious now!

If meds don't work go back to your G.P and ask if he can alter your meds you take care now.

Hugs Ruby xx


Hi folks, thank you all for leaving such lovely messages! I do get to see my kids (once a mth for a few hours) and we are all as close as we can be. i'm going to see my doctor next mth regarding my pain meds, hopefully he can sort something out. thanks again! :-)


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