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Feel good factor

Helping others gives you a feel good buzz.

The Chernobyl Children's Life line is a cause near to my heart. I have worked as volunteer host to give children from the irradiated land of Belarus for 8 years. Can you imagine still smiling when a dentist tells you(as a child) you need 4 teeth out and 6 fillings and you are not 10years old? One of 'our' lads this year is still smiling and happy because he will get good dental care here via charity and will eat non radioactivity polluted food for 4 weeks. I love the time these children come to our area and the people I meet and activities we all get to do its the best staycation I know!

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Good for you, your heart must be huge!! Look in the mirror and give yourself a BIG smile, you deserve it!! ☺ Peck.🐤

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That is such a worthwhile cause my friend, these poor little children have done nothing wrong except have the misfortune of being born in an irradiated land. I want to sincerely wish them all, and you, all the best of luck and, please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I did enjoy reading your post Skit. A few years ago I met a lady who was badly crippled herself but managed to keep in touch with a very wonderful lorry driver who used to drive his lorry through Europe to bring gifts to the children of that area. Many of the poor little souls were dying of cancer through that terrible disaster. I and one or two other people used to buy dolls from charity shops and knit clothes for them. I loved doing this. Unfortunately it was not possible to carry on this work, but I still remember the pleasure it gave me and hoped the little girls got as much pleasure receiving them.


I actually went to a children's cancer hospital in Minsk the capital of Belarus last year. It was pitiful. No up to date treatments as the country cannot afford expensive medications.

The treatments were 25 years or so behind what our sick children would be given. The mothers had to make their children food . I host the children as I have seen the situation 1st hand but before that I read and saw documentaries. Check out Chernobyl Children's Life line there may be a link near you that some good second hand toys or clothes you could give them anyway!


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