Cuts and bruises

Well what a bluddy awful week ive had, 3 friends have died this week. All my age we grew up in same area thats 5 in the past year and all from brain hemorrhages. Thursday i was cutting veg and sliced my thumb no need for A&E tho, Friday I was shaving my legs and sliced my nail off with the razor the pain was unbearable and kept me awake most of the night. And about and hour ago i was being sick the toilet seat fell as i was lifting my head up and split the bridge of my nose so now going to be sporting black eyes. I feel so unwell got real bad acid that i cant seem to get rid of had it most the day, keep being sick and my tummy is so swollen i look 9 months pregnant !!!

Any advice on the swollen tummy bit and acid would be greatly recived ive tried milk , yogurts ect and no im not pregnant as ive no womb xxx

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  • Hi Sharne - you need to get urgent medical advice with symptoms like yours - it could be appendicitis or a blockage.

    Please don't delay - call NHS direct as soon as possible! This is not fibro - you need help urgently!

    NHS Direct:

    Tel.0845 46 47

  • Thanks ill give doc a ring. Ive had my appendics out 6 yr ago. Its just the swelling , thirst been so clumsy last few days,I dont feel right, got pain tho like period and stabbing pain. The pains are ontop of fibro. x

  • i have had a swollen tummy for few years and no one listens to me when I go to the Dr or when i have been to A&E they say scans show nothing when I can feel the lumps in my abdomen an d only I can feel my pain..i know its not fibro and that it is something else I am fed up with looking several months pregnant.and now am getting quite depressed cos dr s wont do anything about it.i asked for a referral to ENT to sort my nose out and all the dr s have done is try different nasal sprays which dont help as the infection is in the bone.have had this obvious infection for 9 months and even when I spoke to the practice manager last week -and considering she hasn't met me before- she still did not take the issues i have or take me seriously saying my stomach was no bigger than hers which is trash as i was wearing a coat and you couldn't see my stomach.

  • Hi anbuma

    You should ask for omeprazole to guard your tummy from other meds, I ended up with gastric bleed after 12 years of anti-inflammatory tablets. I would also recommend sudafed - the one without paracetamol or caffeine for your nose problem....only a suggestion worked for me.....hope your a little better soon......hugs...xx

  • hi there hobbbllliiingaround

    I am already taking omeprazole and am stopping taking codeine as people have said it can damage my liver, DR said its ok to take it but to cut down gradually.

  • Milk based products will make your tummy worse! Ginger in any form will help, chamomile tea and sticking to a bland diet for a while, no fried foods or high fat foods. ask your drs why you keep being ill and arnica cream will help with bruising xx

  • iI've discovered that my tummy bloates more if I eat cows milk products and wheat products so I'm very careful now and stick to goats milk,cheese and butter. However, I sometimes have a lot of discomfort in my tummy so I went to see the doctor last week. I was tender all over. I'm now awaiting blood test results he thinks it could be H Pylore I think its called? Anyway its a common bacteria that for some unknown reason can just develop in the stomach/digestive track. Maybe you should get tested. Meanwhile I too have tried peppermint tablets and they have helped a bit with the wind and bloat.

  • When you have talked to a doc try pepermint tea it helps the wind! hOPE YOU ARE A BIT BETTER XGINS

  • Hi there , my dr has given me peppermint tablets ! They do work so worth asking your gp for some

    If you pay for prescriptions they may be cheaper in health food shop

    Hope that helps ? Take care x

  • I take omeprazole for my stomach (ACID) which helps me as wheni have run out of them I notice the acid comes back.

  • I take omeprazole as well. You need to get this checked, I had a swollen tummy for years, it was IBS I think. My mum had cancer of the oesophagus, and all my family had to be checked. Unknowingly myself and siblings all had acid reflux and were drinking bottles of gaviscon. None of us said anything because its normal right? Wrong, myself and one brother are now on Barretts watch, as we have cells from the stomach lining the oesophagus which could turn cancerous. Off on Tuesday for routine endoscopy. Don't ignore it like we did please.

  • Hi sharne27

    I agree with the others . Have you been on anti-inflammatory tablets for any length of time? I had problems like yours acid, swollen stomach & ended up sicking up blood. The NSAIDs slowly destroy stomach lining and you should ask for omeprazole. I cannot have aspirin based tablets any more after the gastric bleed. .............hope you get help soon....hugs xx

  • just a thought why is it doctors prescribe meds that affect your stomach or warn you not to take them long stomach has only actually swollen fro about 2 years(?)and i dont beleive it is IBS buti do have ever increasing lumps spreading about my abdomen and so far no dr will recognise them.even tho been on pain relief meds from the time I was diagnosed with fibro in 2005. I don't think cows milk is a problem unless I have developed an allergy to it recently but I had food intolerance testing last year and that was fine. as I told my dr and rheumatologist I hardly eat fried food and don't eat cakes biscuits puddings etc and dairy products are very being told to go on a diet is irrelevant as I cant cut out anymore or I wouldn't eat tho I do know dieting isn't all just about cutting out foods.

  • A couple of years ago I was told I had a hiatus hernia and that was why I was suffering from bad acid reflux (all stemmed from having too many aniti-inflamatories for migraine). After an awful lot of research and lookinjg at acid and alkaline foods I reluctantly tried water with a squeeze or slice of lemon. I say reluctantly because we all know lemons to be acidic which is true however, just because a food is acidic does not mean that it stays that way once it enters the stomach pouch, which in this case changes things in there to alkaline. (magic). It works a treat and beats taking anymore scary tablets. A few months down the line and I suffer very little now with reflux helped by the lemon water and also watching what foods I eat. Message me if you want more info on foods to avoid and foods that can help. Don't want to bore everyone. Regards. Jenny

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