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Hello from Northampton

Good morning one and all. All this sunshine has really lifted my spirits, I thought I'd drop you all a line and let you all know how life is going in this crazy world of mine. Paul (hubby) got his PIP award. Standard rate care and enhanced rate mobility. This is up from lower rate care only dla. Previously he was told he couldn't have the mobility component because he has a war disability pension. I'm happy for him and yes the extra money is very welcome. It has allowed us to buy a car. We didn't want one on the mobility deal. Just a secondhand run around. It's made a big difference to our lives already. My dear neighbour Walt has reached his 100th birthday and continues to care for his garden himself. Truly inspiring to the rest of us. I have cut out white carbs from my diet in an attempt to calm my ibs. So far so good. My son and daughter in law are buying their first house and my daughter has finished her business degree in spite of having a job and a child to bring up on her own. That's it from me, I'm looking forward to a family holiday in the lake district next month, nothing too exciting going on, but that's the way I like it. Take care everyone x

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Hi , life is looking good !!!!💕


What a positive post. Thanks for sharing. I'm still on Fla. No money to buy a car so I use my Fla mobility to hire a car for 3 years. I don't have to deal with insurance or tyres or road tax. Just keep it clean


Hello nokidding, Glad you stopped by today. You sound as if you have a lovely family and I hope uour holiday to the lake is just great!! Have a good evening.Peck 🐤

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