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Pip decision

Hi I'm new to these pages and have just had my PIP decision. I was on DLA and got the higher mobility but now on the standard mobility. I had a person from ATOS come to my home where I had my husband who helped prompt me through my Fibro fog and nerves. My decision it would seem was based on my ability to drive a manual car and my grip to do this! Although during my assessment I had lack of grip! When I drive I don't GRIP anything I use the palms of my hands. I also don't drive too often maybe 1/2 times a month and this is only to go to the bottom of my Rd around 500yars MAX but this has been noted as I REGULARLY even though I said 1/2 times a month MAX. So because of this it's found that I can get dressed, get nutrition etc for the majority of the time. I said I have my own bank account and if needed to can shop online (what that has got to do with anything I don't know!) I was shaking, my speech was affected by this and needed prompting by my husband but this wasn't noted so they find I haven't anxiety or any hearing impediment although I have a report from a hearing specialist noting that I have tinnitus! When it comes to observations I was sat crossed legged and was noted to lift my leg and grip it (I hooked my arm around my foot to crack my ankle because I was in agony!) I apparently touched my head in the examination which I CAN NOT DO as I did this I have sufficient movement to wash my hair!! My husband carries me into the bath and washes me and then carries me out of the bath because of chronic pain I just can't do these things!! I said I have difficulties following and planning a journey but at the assessment said I knew my local area (I was asked if I knew where my Drs was and its not in my local area!) also I said I don't go out alone because of chronic pain and anxiety they pressed me saying IF I went out with my husband to somewhere I didn't know then how would I get there and I said we have a satnav but this has been twisted to I WOULD USE A SATNAV on unfamiliar routes!! they keep saying I can use AIDS but I don't know what AIDS would help me do every daily task (washing,bathing,dressing,preparing and cooking food, cutting food up on my plate etc etc).

I'm now loosing my car so I can't even take my son to the bus stop maybe 1/2 a month anymore and my daughter who is my carer is starting university soon. I'm stressed out and can't understand the findings. I'm sooo flared that I can't even get out of bed 😒

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So sorry - ATOS - have made you feel like this - they are probably told to get payments down - and even no payments to some people (like me!!!) - I have worked since I was 16 to 55 (self employed). and have been refused everything - because I didn't (it seems). Pay the right stamp πŸ˜’. and I am just not poorly enough yet - just fibromyalgia !!!!! I was turned down twice and felt degraded can't go through it again - thank god we are managing without help (my OH works). and I am coping at the moment - you have got through it now - take care and chill out so you start to feel better 😊. neesex


That's just it I can't cope with every single daily activity. My husband works away so my daughter is my carer and without her I wouldn't eat, dress, wash etc! My days are spent in bed in agony and I try to sleep so I'm not feeling the pain! They have assumed things which just aren't true! I managed to walk 3 steps aided by my husband at the assessment so how they come to the conclusion I can walk far I don't know! My car will be taken away before I get chance to appeal so even when my husbands home and forces me to go out we can't! I haven't a life as it is and my husband spends his time at weekends shopping, collecting prescriptions, collecting tablets etc in the car but now he will have to get a bus which run every hour! I can't get to a bus stop and even in my wheelchair every bump flares me up! A person behind a desk who has never met me or know anything about Fibro has more or less cut the very little life I did have! Ive had Fibro for 18years and it's slowly crippled me 😭


Come on cheer up - don't let them or fibromyalgia beat you !! Pull up we always feel much worse when we are depressed - think of the positives - you have a lovely daughter and a wonderful husband who are doing as much as they can because they love you - they don't want to see you like this - If its sunny where you are sit in the garden and read or draw - (and nice pot of tea and cake ) - or chat to a understanding friend or relative - I have felt poorly all weekend and I have got up today and given myself a good talking to ! I am having my "happy music" on today - to forget about fibromyalgia- it is "part of me " but its not "all of me" - try and have a good day kick out the worrying - it doesn't change anything it just makes us feel worse -neesex



I would suggest you write and request a copy of the assessment and then compare their full report to the assessment you completed and hopefully kept a copy of.

I would also find someone to support you to go to appeal.

Question about bank account is relevant as one of the questions is are you able to manage your own finances and manage money. Having your own account and being able to shop on line would prove you are able to do this.

Not as we see things but this how they look at it Im afraid

If you say you need help three days a week that's not the majority of the time but 5 days is

Re anxiety are you on medication or under Mental Health Team if so this should give you points .

You really need someone to go through it with a fine tooth comb

Best Wishes

Good Luck


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I am sorry to read your post and what Atos has put you through as it is horrible not to be believed and what you say twisted by them. As Rose54 says I would certainly appeal against your decision if you feel you have been unfairly assessed but do get help if you go for appeal. Janet the Fibromyalgia Action UK advisor may be able to help you with some pointers if you cannot get anyone locally. good luck with whatever you decide between to do.x


My husband explained it to me earlier as the letter was quite rambled. I haven't got the mobility part even though I've had it for the past 8years all because the person who came out asked me if I had to go somewhere unfamiliar how would I get there so I said I wouldn't because it's too much stress which causes more pain and less sleep and medication thrown in the mix too. He then asked ' IF you had to travel to somewhere how would I do it so again I said I wouldn't be able to go so this then changed to 'if your husband is driving to somewhere where he didn't know how would you get there?' So I said he would use a SATNAV but it's been misinterpreted to I manage to get to places I don't know by using a SATNAV. I've emailed ATOS who have said they will investigate and get back to me in 20days. By that time my car will be gone but they don't care about that they just care about targets!

I'm less stressed now I understand the form a bit better. I couldn't concentrate to read the letter properly. I still think touching your head with your hand DOES NOT mean you can wash your own hair! I didn't touch my head at all because I can't!! I will say I keep thinking back to my assessment and the man walked in and when he sat down his Undies were on show through his zip and his tie that had been tucked in was flapping out of the zip bit too! Awkward 😝

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Hi Littleme123

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


I was wondering if you were aware that you can make a complaint against ATOS? I have pasted you a link below on how to complain about your PIP assessment:


Many people have been assessed for the changeover from DLA to PIP and have lost their car. However, there is a transitional support package available if you quality? I have also pasted you a link for this below, and an excerpt to the page:

*How much financial support can I expect as a car customer?

If you first became a Scheme customer by 31 December 2012 and return the car to the dealership in good condition and within 21 days of the DLA payments stopping, you will be eligible for a one-off Β£2,000 transitional support package.


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you soooo much Ken! I've emailed ATOS already to complain 😁!! I wish we had recorded the pip visit and we were going to but thought it rude!! On a positive note I've been awarded something and it's a 10year award where as before it was 3years 😁!!

Thank you soooo much for all the info. Have a lovely day 😁😁😁

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:) :)


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