Hi everyone I was up at 4 this morning at 7 I went to make a drink was in pain when I went to get back to my bed I couldn't move the pain in the thigh area was chronic I couldn't put on foot in front of the other banged on ceiling to wake family while crying my eyes out my left thigh looked swollen and not a very good colour I have been in bed all day but it hurts to put any pressure on my leg feeling at a loss

Carol 😢😢

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  • I think possibly you should've had a doctors visit?

    Hope after a rest in bed you are in less pain & the swelling had gone down


  • Hi Bambamsnan

    I am so genuinely sorry to that you endured this pain and suffering and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. I have to agree with Jenharri as you really should have rung for a doctor to come out?

    If your pain and symptoms persist or get any worse please ring for a doctor my friend just to ensure that this is Fibro and not a different / new medical condition. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi love sorry you suffering I would ring gp and have a word thinking of you love and hugs jill xxx

  • Hi I am up today still in pain but not as bad so think it is fibro but if I'm still bad Monday I'm going to see gp in go to chronic pain clinic in 2 weeks maybe they will help me

    Carol ☺

  • Good luck my friend and please take care :)

  • Hi Ken for a couple of days I haven't been getting any updates on the news feed I have cleared the cresh logged out and logged in the page isn't moving do u no y this is please thanks Alisonx

  • Hi Carol

    hope you are feeling better,i can totally associate with you.i could not get up this morning for excruciating pelvic pain.definitely see a dr or go to A&E.also sobbing with the pain

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