siatica and deep vice like thigh pain worst day ever

as if we dont all suffer enough playing the lottery game of not knowing which part of the body you are going to wake up with hurting you. woke up yesterday in the worst pain ever bad siatica and the most painfull vice like pain deep in my right thigh ,my day was so uncomfortable after 2 lots of zapain no relief but decided to push on so went to the gym managed 50 lengths made me feel abit mentally better but not physically another lot of zapain and a muscle cream rub from hubby of to bed with electric blanket on. my life in a nutshell some days i feel why me and dont know how im going to carry on like this but today is another day thanks for reading all take care now joanne x

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  • I had similar pain a few months ago and thought it was sciatica, went to Dr and she referred me to physio, who said it wasn't sciatica but another nerve, anyway after 3 visits to the physio it was a lot better, so maybe you should give this a try, good luck x

  • I had physio for very bad sciatica and it did help a little turns out I have Sacroiliac hip dysfunction which still causes pain in my back and a vice like grip on my pelvis. I hope you can find some relief, I am rather envious as I can't swim without hurting my back further :)

  • I am so very sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling to much, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon. I have a compressed sciatic nerve so you have my full sympathy.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • What you don't say is whether the doc has been involved in any of this. As cruz says it may just be worth a visit, though the painkillers may be the same.

  • hi ive had fibro for over 10yrs gp involved had every treatment going and seen endless people scans xrays etc sorrry if my post wasnt clear was just having a bad day and this was a differant pain than usual just made me feel i needed to share

  • don't apologise, we're here to listen and support. I agree it's worrying when a new slant of pain appears. Hope things are improving.

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