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I have just heard from the job centre, and on Monday I will have a phone call from them at 9.40 am ( I had told them I can not get to them as its a walk, then bus then another walk. I have a doctors letter telling them this) so when I have this phone call, I will be told I have to attend some sort of work program in the next main town, which again is a walk, bus then walk. If I don't go I will loss my ESA which is all I have to live on. There is no way I can make the journey so please what can I do. I am on MST and Oramorph along with lozapam . I am very scared. Please what can I do, I have been told by the pain team doctor that they can't stop the pain, can't get rid of it and no matter what they can do I will always in pain.

Please can someone help. I am in so much pain everyday along with the fog which means I keep no knowing where I am and not knowing how to get home this means I can't leave the house on my own

How am I going to do this

Please help

From scared Caroline

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Hi Caroline

Please try not to panic. I can't help as I haven't got that far yet, but the volunteers and others on here will be able to help you.

If you can, try to get to bed and check on here in the morning. Most of the group are early birds so I know my Fibro friends will have some sound advice for you in the morning.

Don't forget the CAB will help with some advice. I also know that people on here have had help from The Welfare Rights. Again, I haven't personally used them.

Trust me, though, I do know how you feel. I have 2 children and am having to live on my ESA and benefits. I worked for 34 years, but I just can't do it anymore, much as I want to.

I don't sleep well ~ I promised myself I would be in bed early tonight as I've had such a rubbish day, but here I am still awake!!

If you're still up and want to chat, message me back.

Gentle hugs

Coz x


good advice coz, the CAB or welfare rights advisor are the best people to advise you Caroline,

also ring your council and ask if they have a number for "an advocate for vulnerable adults with physical disabilities".

I had one and she helped me - they act for you, not the council or social services.

If you have the letter from doctor, make several copes of it.




Tell them you are not well enough to attend, you are not fit for work. They should interview you by phone, that's the rules.

Make an appointment to see your GP to get a letter re why you can't attend etc.


Hi, I have already sent them a GP letter saying I can't go out and requesting home visits. I would mind, but if I try and get there I forget where I am coming from or really scares me. I used to be so independent , now I can be going down a road I have know for years and I just look around and I have no idea where I am. I really hope I can do all this over the phone. Or they can always come to my home and watch me not be able to walk or climb stairs. I wish these people would come and live with me my life or put cameras in my house to show how hard I find things. Not everyone is lying. Just over 15 months ago I worked over 50 hours a week and paid all my own bills. These people need to know we do not choose to be like this. I used to have money, last year I could afford to let me daughters go to reading music festival camping and all. This year I can't afford it. Do people really think I choose this life.

Roll on Monday and we will see watch happens, that is if my phone has not been cut off before then!!!!!!!!


Well you have done all you possibly can to make the JC aware of your situation. First off, they cannot simply order you to attend interviews and that's the end of it.

There is a number of options open to them, they must give you at least 2 options - they can interview you by phone, see you at home etc. As you are not fit for work, they have to accommodate you, not the other way around.


Thank you so much, I have been so scared. I live on ESA and while I get this I also get housing benefit. I really though if I do not attend the work program I would lose the ESA. It's go to know they have to work around me. As I have said anyone can come to my house. As you all know, you don't get a lot of money to live on but I just about manage to look after me and my daughter. But what we would do if they took that away I don't even want to think about.

Well lets see how Monday goes, but at least with the knowledge they have to help me I am not so scared. Thank u all


No need to be afraid but it is understandable. If they insist you must attend, remind them of the rules, that usually shuts them up. Let us know how you get on Monday. :)


Hi, ring jobcentre and ask for the Disability Employment Advisor to come and visit you as you cannot get there, they should make an appointment for them to come. My lady was great, gave me all sort of help and advice, told me how to get a blue badge, said they would help with any queries and promptly put me into the Support Group Maybe I was lucky but nothing ventured???. I got myself into a heck of a state on the phone and it was the jobcentre who said she would visit, until then I didn't know that there was a Disability Employment Advisor. Worth trying. Lynn x


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