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foot pain any tips

hey lovely peeps hope you are all feeling not to bad , i i wondered if anyone has any tips i have had a not very nice pain in my foot it feels like someone is poking it with a needle when i put pressure on it and it is really aching my husband has tried every thing for me, he resorted to rubbing a quite a bit of prescibed voltrol on it to try and help it but it is so tender to touch this is a new pain for me, my feet are usually achey and painful, but not this other sensation HELP any suggestion to help ease the discomfort :( be extremely grateful xx gentle (((((hugssss))))) xx

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Hi Teresa, think you should see your GP with this as it is known to have pain in the hands and feet, but it should be investigated properly.

Try hot and cold application to the spot.

Hope you find relief

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x


hi Teresa, the gp said mine was bursitis, I put a rolled up pair of soft cotton socks under it to ease it, hope that helps.

regards, sandra


ahhhhh...... thanks sandra that makes sense i have bursa's on my hips soooo why not have one on the foot i will go get it checked out, thanks for the tip xx


made an appointment for today to get it looked at as sooooo paiful now x


I've had it for years. Cant bear anyone to touch my feet as they're so painful. Need to have the nail on my little toe cutting but can't bear my husband to do it for me as the bones in my feet are so painful to touch. Sometimes I get a sharp pain in my big toes as though I have stood on a pin. Am fed up moaning to GP with other problems so just put up with it. Besides everytime you go they put it down to Fibro.


been to see gp he believes its to do with the neuropathy i have due to my diabetes, says all he can say is i will have to put up with it as the pregablin has only just been upped to 75mg Grrrrrrreatttttttt !!!!!!!


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