Allergic to Melon :(

I think I am allergic to melon. I've never experienced this before but the last two times I've eaten it I've got a sore throat and when I looked it up online it seems that others have this. Anybody else experienced this? It may be because I sucked the rind as I was eating it segment-style rather than spooning it. Maybe there's something they spray on the skin that makes it like this. I love melon too :( x

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  • I've not heard of this, but it could be that you are.

    I think you could be right though, that the skin might have something on it.

    I always wash the melon before I cut it and segment it off the skin into bowls, because I never trust the skin of fruit or veg. 👍😊

  • Thanks Fibropop. I'd not heard of it either until I developed a sore throat for the second time in a short time. Weirdly, a friend of mine on Facebook reported the same thing having never had this allergy before!

  • It could well be the remains of some antipest/bug stuff on the skin or it could be an allergy/sensitivity to the fruit itself. I can't eat any fruit as I'm now sensitive to citric acid - gives me a mouth full of ulcers (and I do mean a mouth full!). It's totally tragic as I love fruit - can't do any fruit products or fruit flavoured stuff, no tomato or tomato based sauces, no lettuce (weirdly) ... most fizzy pop, squashes ... the list goes on and on as it's used as an additive as well as occurring naturally.

    Try giving it a good wash and remove the skin - no sucking on it lol! If you still get the reaction, you have my sympathies.

  • have you tried pears, kiwi fruit and prawns lately ?

  • Pears I'm fine with. Kiwi fruits, not had any recently. Prawns, not lately

  • Hi there

    I am wondering whether it may be worth trying the ready prepared melon that you can buy in most supermarkets?

    I know it's more expensive that way but you could see whether you get a reaction or not.

    Just a thought :)

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x


  • Thanks Blue Mermaid. Yes, I've not had a problem with those but then again, never had a problem with whole melons before either! I think I'm going to try and work out if it's one sort of melon or all of them. I really love the orange juicy sort! This was a round one but yellow inside. Probably honeydew but not the oval sort. x

  • I was told at the hospital after my latest reaction, to kiwi fruit, that it can happen with anything and you wont know until it happens, not very reassuring I know xx

  • Yes, I guess it can. Often they come with groups of food. But the others in the group haven't resulted in a reaction yet. This is why I thought it might be the skin. I shall see if I can try other sorts of melon! x

  • Hi Foggymoggy - my fella can't eat melon, celery, pumpkin seeds, his throat swells and it affects his breathing!

    Luckily, thus far, as he's avoided eating the above it hasn't caused too many issues but we are finding that there are loads of foods (including muesli which he loves) that now include pumpkin seeds so we have to check before we buy. We once spent 30 mins. in our local Co-op trying to find out whether one of their own-baked breads contained pumpkin seeds - they were not able to find out so we did not buy it but we thought it was atrocious that they could not tell us the ingredients of their own bread :(

    Anyhoo, I do hope you don't ever get the throat-swelling thing.

    Best wishes xx

  • Aw, so sorry about your fella, treefrog. There's quite a few things there for him to avoid, but yes, pumpkin seeds are in so many things. Must be very hard shopping and I agree supermarkets should be more responsible, especially when it can be dangerous for some people. I love muesli too but usually it doesn't have pumpkin seeds. I go for Alpen original :) Or you can make your own which is delicious but I always forget, lol!


  • Ha ha - my mum keeps telling me would should make our own (she gave us her 'recipe') but, as you say it's remembering to make it, he likes a decent amount to set him up for the day LOL ;)

  • My mum used to make it when we were small, soaked overnight with oats, nuts and raisins and apples. Yummy! But you can add what you want these days :D

  • Hi

    I am the same with some apples, although strangely not the same ones every time which makes it a bit hit and miss.

    My reaction is like having a mouth full of cotton wool, my throat goes numb, my speech slurs and I feel a bit odd.

    I have started to peel the apples and been lucky so far. I am wondering if it is pesticides or even the gas that goes in with them when they are in cold storage. It is worrying though when you are not sure what is causing it and if it is pesticides what it is doing to your body long term.

    Cherries have the same effect but you can't peel them!

  • Sorry Bluebell. Yes, I mainly buy organic but I don't think the last two melons were but it makes sense it could be something sprayed on the skin. But I have read that people who react to melon can also to cherries too! I love cherries but touch wood haven't had a reaction to them!

  • Do you mean water melon or any melons such as cantaloupe, honey dew etc..I hope your not as they are so delicious especially this time of the year.Best wishes.Peck🐤

  • Thanks Peck, no, it wasn't water melon as I like the juicy ones! I am trying to remember which were the last two I bought and what sort they were. They were round but not the ones that are orange inside (they are my favourite) but yellow inside. So am going to experiment but also make sure I don't eat straight from the rind! But I will have some Piraton handy just in case! x

  • FoggyMoggy , Sounds like honey dew melon.I was curious as we have had a lot of fruits &veggies tainted with salmonella although I believe they were grown in the states.Take care.Peck🍉🍑🍌🍎

  • Yes I think it was honeydew, Peck x

  • I get a sore mouth, throat and lips if I eat most fresh fruit, except for kiwi, banana, satsumas, grapes, melon, raspberries and sometimes strawberries. Last time I ate a fresh peach my lower lip swelled to double its size. Always though it was just me, but then last year I came across an article in a newspaper and discovered it is a recognised condition - oral allergy syndrome. So now if I want a selection of fruit have to eat tinned or cooked, which isn't the same.

  • Aw sorry to hear, Panda. Yes after looking up online about the melon I read about Oral Allergy Syndrome. I wasn't aware of this specific allergy before. I agree tinned fruit isn't the same although cooked fruit can be nice in a pie or crumble :)

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I am allergic to all red fruits and bananas! It is a real pain. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Many thanks Ken. Sorry you are allergic to those fruits.

    Take care, my friend.

  • :)

  • I suspect you have mast cell issues and allergic to foods with high histamine levels. Do some research into anti histamine diet/food this will help you find the answer

  • Thanks Joyia.

  • Can't eat any fruit with hairs on it or strangely with a skin that has hairs like KIwi so I have to stick to things like bananas, oranges, grapes and melon. Could definately be the rind. I always ger all the melon out of the skin and peel apples etc as you don't k ow how they treat them to preserve them for the journey to the UK.x

  • That's very true. I've noticed I'm sneezing a bit too so may be related to pollen. I think the allergies may be related x

  • I cannot eat pineapple because it gives me ulcers in my mouth. Neither can I eat lemon or lime because they make my lips and throat swell. I have a lot of allergic reactions but most of the time I don't know what the reaction is to. I have to carry an ePiPen in case of anaphylactic shock. The worse allergy I have found is to "weed" "dope" whatever you call it. I have never smoked it but if I walk past somebody smoking it, or if they even have it in their pocket I swell up like the elephant man.

    Isn't life fun, everyday is an adventure!!!

  • Wow, Bacaloca. The police could use you instead of sniffer dogs! Seriously though, it's horrible to swell up and have such awful reactions. I feel mine is mild in comparison. Take care x

  • I used to work in a hotel and restaurant. During the day I cleaned the rooms and at night I worked in the bar. At one point we had a few homeless people that the council put in the rooms. I could tell as soon as I opened the room doors which ones had drugs with them. They were politely asked to leave. We even had a solicitor up from London on a big court case, he was asked to leave for the same reason. Tony keeps saying I should go work for the police. I think I will pass.

  • Haha, yes!

    Interesting work history. Years ago I worked as a chambermaid and also in my past I worked with drug users and addicts.


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