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toilet training

just found one of my old poems from when i was toilet training my child

1-2 I need a poo!

3-4 NOT on the floor

5-6 Pick it up quick

7-8 Oh crap too late!

9-10 Oh she's done it again?!!!

11-12 DONT dig and delve?!!

13-14 Oh she needs reporting

15-16 NOT in the kitchen

17-18 Why? are you waiting?

19-20 Oh god she's done plenty!

21-22 This cannot be TRUE!

23-24 Dont wipe it on the door

25-26 I think this child's sick

27-28 Gee thanks, that's great!

29-30 Why are they sooo dirty?

sorry if its a bit on the gross side, but i am having a reminder of it all with my grandson now xx

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You're very clever, I wish I could write rhymes.

Gave me a chuckle ... 😜


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It's ok as you are talking about a child. It has yo be done right? ? Peck.🐤

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hehehe very good :)

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Love it


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He! He! He! I enjoyed that, thank you :) :)


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