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I am so desperate and overwhelmed


Hi all

I am beside myself right now I have had a flare for the past two months in bed pain everywhere dealing with other issues also just found out I have kidney scarring

After a full hysterectomy in 2009

2011 I was diagnosed with MGUS blood disorder patchy fibrosis and fibromyalga my fibromyalga hurts all over but what stands out is the severe pain in my hands and feet which is one issue with kidney scarring I have come to realise and the protein in the blood I am beside myself having the scan on Saturday it was so much pain just by her doing the scan on my Kidneys it started of with constant urine infections and they found protein in my urine and blood hence MGUS was diagnosed

I eat well drink lots of water my husband has totally acted oblivious to Saturdays findings and has kind of detached himself and keeps saying you got to change your diet which I have he has no faith in medication likewise I have cried relentlessly all weekend anxiety thinking the worse. And feeling isolated my husband left me yesterday after a row we live separate but he stays with me for support most times.

the Doctors have brused over alot of the different ailments when I ask but it all seems to fit into place now.

I recently upgraded my mobile phone to a Galaxy 7 since having it the electric shocks got worse and the fatigue till I have been unbearably Ill at first I contacted EE and had it changed three times I stopped using the last one and the electric subsided I rang EE with advise from Which and stated consumer rights 2015 they have agreed to take the phone back and cancel the contract I am worried also since March of going through these electrical impulses to my body I have been in bed so out of it up until now do I take it further for injury claim advise would be great

Thanks x

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Oh Gosh! So much to deal with..I wish I could help, but perhaps you knowing that you shall not be alone , and that friends here will offer some advice you can act on, may help...I senf you positives for strength and openings that will aid you to have a more peaceful and pain less life...warm wishes and hug...Sabina x

So sorry to hear that you are going through such an awful time they say it.never rains but it pours don't they, I do hope you have good news with the scan and they will help you with the pain. Everything seems worse when we are in pain and feeling we can't cope with anymore but we do, you will find the strength from somewhere, take care

Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can and the WISDOM to know the difference

Serenity61 in reply to Mydexter

I thank you for your kind words

I know I will work it through my mental health issues can get in the way and cause me to melt down as hard as I try to stay mindful

Kind hugs x



I'm so sorry to hear of all your health problems, it's no wonder you're at the end of your rope.

Have you told your dr how you feel, maybe antidepressants would help you cope with the stress?

I think our hubbys find it difficult to cope when they can't help us and go into denial?

I don't think they can relate to the all over pain etc, it must be hard for our families. I know it doesn't help us, as then we feel so alone. That's why this site is such a god send, as we're all in the same boat, (so to speak) and can relate to you. I have found everyone so helpful and the suggestions have been helpful, I like the funny thing that people post too! Please don't give up! If you don't think your dr is helping enough or listening to you tell them and you can change Drs.

Please try not to worry and try to relax a bit more, as my Drs have told me it's important to.

I do hope that you feel a bit better soon.

My very best wishes.

You certainly do have a lot on your plate. It's more than enough to make anyone a tad fractious.

I can't comment on the relationship you have with your hubby, as I'm sure it is a long story with nothing in black and white. That on its own is a lot to cope with.

In fact there isn't much I can really say that would be of any practical help. I'm sure you've involved your Dr and your hubby will know better than anyone what you go through on a daily basis.

You don't say what meds you are on for your Fibro. I find Amitriptylene a big help. Not only does it stop me behaving like a puppet on a string with arms and legs moving on thei own, but it certainly helps my mood as well. I feel it helps me all round as I get some sleep now. But that's what it does for me, but many other forum friends can't take it for various reasons.

I feel a bit useless as I can't offer any help! Just know that the support you will get from our fellow Fibromites on this forum is something unique. They are a very special bunch! I hope you manage to find some relief from wherever you can 🐸

So to hear all the different things you are going thru.The best advice I can give you gist and foremost is to take care of YOU!! I can tell you nobody else will.Be blessed. Peck🐤

Hi Serenity61

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I am also so genuinely sorry that your husband has left you, and I sincerely hope that you have a good support network to help you through this current crisis my friend.

It may be a good idea to explain to your GP exactly how you are feeling and what is going on for you right now? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Serenity61 in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you he left to let of steam he is back

TheAuthor in reply to Serenity61

That's good then my friend :)


Love and soft hugs coming your way💐xxx

You can only try love, sorry to ear your pain is so bad nothing worse , I know been in a similar place. Take care and good luck x

Your certainly getting more than your fair share at present, most of us have been at that stage, and amazingly we do get through it and get to a better place. l think sometimes with men the withdrawal from a situation is because they care and feel they dont know how to change it and improve your lot, fear in a way, but good he,s back to share with you now. Talk to a gp about the worry over the kidney problems, which l,m sure consultants will also help with and the frequent uti,s, l,m sorry your husband doesnt agree with meds,maybe there,ll come a time when he,ll be glad of them, no one particularly likes taking them, but they do save lives and improve suffering, whether its physical or mental health, despite trendy items about diet lifestyle, although it helps, sometimes we all need meds to help us, vital if an infection. or it wil get worse. Kidney probs are very debilitating and that would make you feel ill, more so if uti on top. C,A,B should be able to give you legal advice. Arym, thats a very old prayer or saying, was trying to think of the words the other day, its very wise, and a battle to achieve either, both, l keep trying. Dont give up hope Serenity, try to rest up and get back on form, best wishes.

Mydexter in reply to lynsu

Yes it's the Serenity prayer which seems appropriate for. Serenity61, I always have it written down somewhere to refer to as you say wise words but a battle to hold on to sometimes, take care

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