my gorgeous grandson

hopefully this will bring a smile to your faces. My gorgeous grandson who lives with us was in my bedroom the other day and kept saying "Nanny i cant do it" He was looking up in the air and going bosseyed, i said what are you doing and he said I cant see, what cant you see, his reply "My eyes" love him too pieces he is nutty Love and hugs to allxx

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  • So precious! ! Kids say the cutest things!! Peck🐤

  • Kids never cease to amaze! Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  • Aw I love it when they do funny things like this. So innocent, bless.xx

  • When my son was little he saw me giving the dog tablets, he asked why, told him dogs get nasty worms in their tummies, and tablets kill the worms, hr replied, `do the tablets hit the worms on their heads and kill them`, simple logic.

  • Lol

  • Such a precious moment - I love it 😃

  • Very special times when your children -grandchildren are little, innocent, uninhibited, so interesting, funny and affectionate. Privialeged happy times.

  • Children are a joy! 😊

  • Bless

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