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my daft husband


we were watching an episode of Jeremy Kyle and he says "I want one of them"

one of what? He says "A DNA TEST" my reply what the hell for?

His reply "To find out if I am really me" !! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You DO need some help!! Made me laugh though, always good! What on earth was he talking about?? Maybe he's worried he's really an alien....... 🤔🤔🤔😂🐸

inoutfog in reply to Sorebones

i have thought that so many times but i have settled on he's just a bloody idiot lol xx

Sorebones in reply to inoutfog

Lol 😂😂🐸

fenbadger in reply to Sorebones

Men ARE from Mars you know :O



Magic. Are you going to arrange one for him? I honestly not think my OH is from an alien planet sometimes.x

Reminds me of mine, the news one morning said about people giving DNA for diseases. Hubby said to me "Why would I want to give my DNA for Jesus?"

Apart from laughing, there is no answer to that really!

Hey I think he must be related to my OH 😊

I'm totally confused...surely you are as well!!! Peck 🐤


In that case we all need one ,do they do them on prescription?

I think I will request one tomorrow at my appointment


That is brilliant! :) :)

I know just how he feels! Who am I again?

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