Hello again.

How do you find preparing and cooking meals with this illness? I find it very hard and can resort to bits n pieces or quick things, pasta, bread etc though I prefer meals with balance and  good nutrition. I find the length of recipes hard to follow with brain fog, chopping veg, lots of things. Any tips?  I write on a phone, please excuse errors. 

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  • I buy pre chopped stuff. The supermarkets sell chopped and sliced onions, sliced leeks etc. I know that a big shop with 2 initials and are better known for their undies, sell lots of pre prepared veg. Makes a huge difference. I'm not meaning to be cryptic but just not sure if I can say the shops name. It means you can cook from scratch without the pain 😀🐸

  • No that's fine, thanks for your reply. I had to think which store it was for a minute lol

  • I have similar problems, so I resort to ready made meals, our take away. Exhaustion is my biggest enemy.

  • Hi

    I don't have Fibro but have PMR when things are bad I use frozen veg or buy prepared  its dearer but its what gets me by.

    I tend to try to stay away from too many carbs as find they bloat me and make me feel physically ill.

    I tend to do things I can do in one pot like fish in sauce then just add a few potatoes and veg.

    Lots of salad fresh fruit.

    On good days I tend to do things I can freeze so always have fresh meals in freezer .

    Otherwise I am to exhausted to cook and tend to eat all the things that are no good as don't have the energy to do cook then hate myself for eating them .

    Take Care


  • I chose a day when feeling able to do bach cooking and load the freezer for the not so good days. Home made soup is a must for me.Then I bach cook things like chilies and Sheppard pies. Then cook frozen veggies which as been shown to actually contain more of vitamins than so called fresh veg that was picked goodness know how long before it hits the shelves in the supermarket. xx 

  • Try buying frozen preprepared veg from the frozen food shops, they often have bargains, makes things easier. Some supermarkets sell potatoes which have been pared and ready to cook.  I have a deck chair in my kitchen to sit at when I'm tired and take a bowl of water for any veg I'm doing on my lap tray.  It's not always easy to make healthy balanced meals and that's when ready meals are helpful, just be careful what you buy x

  • All the supermarkets have pre chopped veg now, fairly reasonably too. I did go mad on Saturday and actually peel and chop veg, sitting down of course! The problem was I was treating myself to a steak and because my grill is broken was frying it instead. Unfortunately, as I went to put the steak in the pan my back/legs gave way and the steak fell into the pan splashing hot oil into my face. I spent the next three hours with a cold wet towel on my face and have used nearly a whole tube of antiseptic cream. I look awful. (Even worse rhan usual!) Think it triggered a flare and won't be cooking again for a long time. I did manage to cook the steak though, lovely! :-)

  • Oh poor you I hope your face is a bit better?

  • Slightly better thanks, but I didn't look like Angelina Jolie to begin with! :-)

  • Sorry But I hate cooking.I once really enjoyed it the more the merrier!!! It brings back good memories.Peck☺

  • I sit down and chop, peel, grate etc all the ingredients (with a book next to me) and sort in different bowls -  then I put them to one side -  rest and a cup of tea !  😊 so when I cook later its all ready to use -  I do the same for baking every thing is weighed and put in bowls and I mix and bake it later -   I am afraid Fibro is making me organised😊😊

  • Good idea to sit down.

  • Hi mysmugcat

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I agree with your other respondents as the supermarkets all sell ready prepared fruit and veg these days! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I use fresh prepared veg on good days & prep couple portions, so can freeze in portions for bad day. I also freeze ready prepared fruit for smoothies or th add to yoghurt. Also always have some ready meals in freezer from Wiltshire foods

  • Hi,

    I get most of my food delivered from a good supermarket delivery company & an organic delivery company.

    I try to pick a "good" day, & make veg with lentil or bean soup/stews for the week. I use a hand blender to avoid the chopping. Sometimes I buy ready chopped veg, & just add lentils.

    Now it's coming up to summer, I eat salads every day. Usually hummus, but sometimes brie for the K2 or mozzarella.

    One meal a day is kefir, fruit & nuts, though sometimes spread out as individual snacks.


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