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Hi everyone, been here over a week now, still not quite found my way around. Have made one friend. Find it quite hard to keep things going on here, tend to get lazy. Is anyone else like that?. I have fibromyalgia, puseudo gout, amongst other things. Am on morphine for pain, get good days and bad days as far as mental health problems. But always have pain. Hope you are all as well as can be, and have a good day as possible.. xxx

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  • Hi

    I don't think it is laziness I put it down to the Fibro. It makes things difficult for us especially the fog and the pain. Usually I read posts and think I'll reply when I'm a bit clearer then completely forget. There are times when I think I can't be bothered doing anything but that goes for everything I am supposed to or should do.

    Have a much welcomed pain reduced day ( days are never pain free) xx

  • Hi and wecome I agree with what Scottish-piglet has already said its not laziness its what the fibro does and how it manifests in us , the fibro fog if especially sleep depravated can make you think I will do that later and ping it goes from your mind sometimes never to be seen again , but remember on here we all know what you are going through because we are all pretty much in the same boat , so there is always someone here day and night weather you want to talk ask questions , rant or gust need someone to listen , so once again welcome

    hugs sarah x

  • Hi there uggycat Welcome to the forum, I'm Jan, friend number 2 lol..I'm sure you will come to love it like we all do. I am on here most days but I do have 2 or sometimes 3 days where my pain is so bad & I just cant think properly, let alone converse with anyone, so yeah, know how you feel..I wont be able to stay in one position or get comfortable, irritable & that just how it is...oh the joys of Fibro ;-) I have Arthritis & a lot of nerve damage & Polymyalgia So, like you, in pain constantly, just some days are more bearable than others.

    It's great when you have had a few days off & then you come back on & you have lots of lovely messages from all these wonderful ppl. and it really does make you feel a bit better & takes your mind off your pain. Anyway, I'm sorry you are in so much pain, that's another positive thing, you will get lots of idea's to help you cope with your pain on here.

    Anyway, look forward to speaking with you again.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Hi and welcome to the forum uggycat, it's very nice to met you?

    Pls dont be too hard on yourself, we all feel like that sometimes!

    You will find a mountain of support here and make new and inspiring friends :)

    You've got us lot to condend with now (oh dear what have you let yourself in for hahahahahahaha)

    Now on a more serious note, if you ever want to chat there'e always someone about day or night. You'll probally find this forum will be the highlight of your day sometimes!

    I have met some inspiring and incredible friends on here and I'm pretty sure before long, you will too.

    Looking forward to seeing you around :)

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xx

  • Hi uggycat I get terrible `want to be left alone and cant be bothered` moods. I have been like it for several weeks now, hence very little action on site.

    Luckily no body takes you to task aver it. Here we can all just pop in and out whenever we please.

    Sue :)

  • hello uggycat I have basically the same as you good days and bad days the bad ones seemingly more often lately :( But I plod on with my meds and hope for as little pain as possible.. nice to meet you xx

  • hi

    uggycat I've just got back on after an absence of a couple of weeks have had a guilty feeling for not being on here to see how everyone is and having a smile put on my face by people. Knowing you're not alone goes along way to help me keep on the straight and narrow, I know if I need help or a chat there will be somebody here who will jump in and help put the world in a better perspective.

  • Hi uggycat

    If you need any help at all finding your way around the forum just ask.

    Just comment below if there is anything particular you need help with and please don't feel embarrassed to ask.

    Your question may be other peoples question too.

    Lu x


  • I am with you 100%

    There are times that I am just too mentally exhausted to do it. I know that there are a lot of people around here that will help when I can't and visa versa. Don't feel obligated and bad when you don't have it in you, we are all having those feelings just on different days.

  • Hi uggycat

    I also do not believe that it is laziness as I quite often feel like I want to be alone and not bothered with things. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi every one thanks for all your messages. Just watched programme on BBC coming of meds. I really think there should be a programme about the other side to things, This programme, just makes me feel frustrated, and that I should just stop mine, and a bit of a fraud. Also its so irresponsible, that watching it, could really do serious harm to someones mental state of mind, I think the mentioned programme, could be respon sible for a lot of mental aguish, me for one. . It does cheer me up a lot, when I get so many replies, from such lovely like minded people though since being in this community, thanks and lots of love xxxxx uggycat

  • This is what a support group is meant to be...how are you doing NOW? I too, sail away on and off...always looking forward to the support that can only come from people that just know how it is. Never call yourself lazy! That's my oppinion. Negativity never helped anyone. I hope you enjoy a shining moment soon. I had one yesterday, but then woke up moving about like I was 100 today. So fickle this disease. And when you feel good on the rare occasions, it's like you are normal and never had a care in the world about pain, mobility or energy. Then the rug is pulled from under & yes, you still have this label; FIBROMYALGIA. πŸ˜”πŸ˜–πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘ Hey, when's my next good day going to hit? πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒ»πŸ¦„'s!

  • Wow I don't know how to gather actual friends on this sight...I've been on longer than you, also new and dont have one, but still feel like I have many somehow...

  • You can private message me anytime my friend! :) xx

  • Thank you for message. Not been on here over weekend. How have you been. m y pain feels like it could get to the point of debilitating me soon. Hope not. Mood changes all the time. Find it truly amazing, so many people can live a life, with this fibromalgia illness, if this is the right word for it. Wonder although doctors are good, if they really know the exact degree of suffering sufferers go through. I do not feel sorry for myself, but find it a fact can be out somewhere with other people, and just silently feel so awful, but just carry on. xx uggycat

  • Aw, my friend, It's murder when the pain wont stop, but at least we're not alone, we have our dear friends on this wonderful community forum to chat too, one thing for sure is we're all in the same boat lol and understand each other!

    Try and get a good nights sleep and hopefully you'll feel a bit better tomorrow!

    Take care uggycat, sending you soft warm healing hugs, get ready to catch them :) xx

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