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how do i get some sleep and not be depressed

i donnot sleep very much and i am always tierd, and i get depressed alot,find it sometimes difficult to get out of bed, and i also have the worry that my benefit is going to stop,becuase i had a medical on 19 april and on 22 may was told i have been put into the esa workproggramme and if i did not go they will stop my money, i have cut my meals down to one meal a day,what else can i do, donot use my gas or my electiric if i get cold i use blankets,ihave to use incontinance pds..

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Hi Sylvia,

Anxiety, depression and non-restorative sleep combine to make a vicious circle - You need to go and see your GP in order to find some help - whether that appears in the form of medication or perhaps someone to talk to and help guide you out of the maze or perhaps even a combinaton of both.

If you are feeling really down and your GP doesn't seem to be of much help, find a new GP! In the meantime you can contact your local authority Social Services to find the contact details for the Gateway team and they should be able to offer you some assistance on a self-referral basis.

Kind regards



Unfortunately fibro sufferers are unable to ever get restful sleep, which is what leads to the symptoms of fibro. Talk to your doctor about medicines that may help. I take 40mg of amitriptyline at night with a natural supplement of melatonin at 3mg. The melatonin helps me fall asleep and the amitriptyline helps me stay asleep. It makes a huge differences to the way you feel if you can get a good night sleep and so you should feel less depressed. Amitriptyline also helps with anxiety and depression so its a great drug with few side affects - a much better choice than anti depression drugs.


Hello Sylvia, so sorry to hear your situation at the moment, I hope it eases for you very soon. Like Zoe, I also take Amitriptyline, my dose is 75mg taken in the afternoon so I am sleepy at night. It has helped enormously with my sleeping pattern, I feel quite rested by morning. I still have some bad nights but not nearly as many as before. If you feel down and that you're not managing well at the moment, pop along to your GP if you can as soon as possible and explain how you feel and your worries etc. Also you might be entitled to some other benefit to help you manage financially, so it would be worth speaking to someone at maybe the local JobCentre or the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) about your entitlements. Nobody should have to put up with Fibromyalgia huddled in a blanket because they're cold and only eat once a day, this will not help your general well being or your state of mind either. Take care and please let us know how you get on. Take care. :) :)


made an appointment with doctor for monday. am having bad headaches at moment. am feeling very low today.not slept but had good news my walkin shower and stair lift being done at last


you poor thing, we have just had our working tax credits lowered by around 230 a month, and we have cut right back when we were on full benifit,it is depressing, and very hard to pull your self up from, i have just been going through the same thing, everything is such an effort, but i sat the other day and desided to go back to the way we done things in the 80s when we had the resesstion on, and interest rates were up to 15%, so i have been having a baking day were i make all my pies ect in one day and freeze them , i to have been sitting with a blancket around me so has my husband ,and when its really cold we tuck our selves up in bed with a cup of tea and watch tv , i am pulling my self out of depresstion by saying there not going to beat me,


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