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Hi all hope everts as well as can be expected just asking for my daughter she suffers with pain all over has a tooth ache witch is very sensertive top back one took her to dentist took expat no problem perfect could it be fibro related pain comes and goes can't chew or drink cold or hot fuieds it's be a week now took her back can't see anything wrong with tooth

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I'm so very grateful that I haven't experienced that with Fibro. I know that TMJ affects the jaw joint though. Could be a nerve impingement but you would need to ask your dentist if that is a possibility 🐸

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Is she grinding her teeth at night this can especially affect the large back teeth as it tenses all the muscles and therefore cause pain.  Many of us go through this and can have quite intense pain for some days and then it will mysteriously go away. My old GP gave me Difflam rinse which can numb the gum and help.  Also a warm, wet flannel pressed gently against the face where the tooth hurts can help.x

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I don't think so


I've been getting pain in my teeth recently, but it's not just one, it's been two or three in different places, sometimes top, sometimes bottom. Have made an appointment with my dentist, so intend asking what might be causing it. Will let u know what he says.

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Hi Hollie121

I am so genuinely sorry to read that your daughter is experiencing this horrid issue, and I sincerely hope that she can find some resolution and relief to her toothache. The are many causes of toothache without having any problems with the teeth. I have pasted an excerpt and a link to the *NHS Choices cache on this subject:

*What causes toothache?

Toothache occurs when the innermost layer of the tooth (dental pulp) becomes inflamed. The pulp is made up of sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

Dental pulp can become inflamed as a result of:

    tooth decay – this leads to holes (cavities) forming in the hard surface of the tooth

    a cracked tooth – the crack is often so small that it can't be seen with the naked eye

    loose or broken fillings

    receding gums – where the gums shrink (contract) to expose softer, more sensitive parts of the tooth root

    periapical abscess – a collection of pus at the end of the tooth caused by a bacterial infection

There are a number of other conditions that can cause pain similar to toothache, even though the pulp isn't affected. These include:

    periodontal abscess – a collection of pus in the gums caused by a bacterial infection

    ulcers on your gums

    sore or swollen gums around a tooth that's breaking through – for example, when your wisdom teeth start to come through

    sinusitis – which sometimes causes pain around the upper jaw

    an injury to the joint that attaches the jaw to the skull (temporomandibular joint)


Only a few months ago I had a bad case of Neuralgia and it gave me tremendous toothache for several weeks! I used a ''clove oil'' and swabbed it onto my teeth with a cotton stick to help ease the pain. I want to sincerely wish your and your daughter all the best of luck, and please look after yourselves.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Hollie,

A lot of people with FM have TMJ  (temperomandibular joint) issues. The pain could be from her jaw, if the tooth looks ok. The dentist should be able to fit a silicon mould to prevent bruxus (teeth grinding), which may reduce the problem.

Another cause could be sinusitis, an infection of the sinuses in the porous cheek bones, which are just above the teeth. When I have this problem, it starts off with general toothache in my upper jaw, & progresses to ear ache when I lean back or lie down, then progresses to pain in my lower jaw. I suffer with this much less often & severely  since making sure I always eat healthily.



Thank you so much for the reply I my self suffer with chronic facial pain witch affects all my teeth and face head I to grind my teeth but my daughter I don't think does she does suffer with rinunitis as well but it's just one tooth

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