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Hi all

I've been having a serious think recently about Persuing motability with my enhanced mobility element of PIP.

I've been and had a look at Fiat 500s and I'm waiting for the motability person at the local dealer calling me back to discuss details.

I was surprised that I can have the top model and a decent spec for only £199 advance payment and my mobility allowance each week.  It also includes servicing, insurance, breakdown etc.  I never passed my test when younger and I'm thinking of going for an auto for ease.  I can drive and I've always been around cars I was just never bothered after a few lessons.  After speaking to motability I can apply for driving lessons through the scheme as I'm on a low income which is great.

I have to order the car, give them my PiP evidence, driving license details for verification then contact motability and ask them for an assessment for adaptations and a form to apply for lessons.  I'm hoping to do it in the next couple of weeks so all being well I may be on the road by the summer :-) 

Primarily the car will be for someone else to drive me as I'm fed up with asking and expecting others to drive me then them refusing payment or having to get taxis.  It would be nice to just get to my doctors easier or nip out if I need without a struggle.

I'm hoping it all runs smoothly as it seems too simple - nothing is ever that simple in reality ha ha

All the best

Clare xxx

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Hi Clare, The Motability Scheme in the UK is absolutely brilliant. Over the past 38 years, the Motability Scheme has helped over 4 million people get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair. The dealers bend over backwards to help you get mobile and the service is second to none. I don't use it myself but I have lots of friends who do. Good luck with getting the car you want and also the driving lessons - it will really open up the freedom and independence that you so desperately need. Here is a link for anyone wanting to know more about the scheme LAP,Eric.


I wish you the very best.You sound very excited..I am very happy for you--the sooner the better.Good luck, Peck.😊


Hi Clare,

After years of owning our own cars throughout my illness we finally decided that for my ease and comfort getting in and out of a car more easily rather than having to fall in it or be hauled out of it we would go for a Motability car. It was the best thing we ever did! Have had ours since the end of January and it only took about 6 weeks and that was only because it was slap bang in the middle of Christmas and they didn't have a car with the higher spec and colour that we wanted at any of the dealership's so one had to be ordered from the factory and only had to pay £499. Deposit as its a bigger car because I have a mobility scooter as well that needs to go in the boot. We went for a Peugeot 3008 manual diesel.

I am now so much more comfortable getting in and out of my new car and its a beautiful comfortable drive as a passenger and driver, we have just been to Wales and back over the weekend visiting Hubby's Sister and I was so impressed, I love my new baby... My only fear is that when i have to change to PIP they award the higher level that I already get from DLA!

Go for it, you won't regret it one little bit! :)

Hugs Laura xx

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Good luck. 

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I bet you are so excited.  Everyone who I know who has had a Motability car has been over the moon with the service.  On the day I bought my last car a lovely disabled gentleman was being shown how to operate all the controls on his.  He got out and burst into tears of joy he was so overwhelmed at being back on 4 wheels again. It made the joy of my new car pale into insignificant alongside his.

I hope you get the car of your dreams a sail through your test.  Do let us know how you get on, every good wishes for happy motoring. X

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Does anyone know if there is any kind of allowance if you prefer using your own car as opposed to Motorbility. I have a classic car and would rather keep using that. I don't pay Road Tax but only because I am on top rate of Disability Allowance.



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That sounds wonderful my friend and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck x


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