No more £35k BMWs for Motability drivers: New rules will stop disabled getting luxury cars on taxpayer

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It shows that 9,100 people whose ‘main disabling condition’ is related to alcohol or drug abuse have been given the ‘higher mobility’ benefit, which entitles them to a Motability car. (Maybe I should become an alcoholic and I may just get high rate DLA. It's obvious that my lack of mobility is being ignored even though I use two crutches..)

The allowance is paid to 28,700 people whose main condition is asthma and 123,900 with unspecified back pain. (Back pain is part of my life, my back hurts when I walk, when I sit down, all the time really and yet my lack of mobility is ignored even though I use two crutches.)

Arthritis sufferers are the largest category, with 506,300 claimants entitled to a car. Roughly one in three people who are paid the allowance uses it to obtain a car.(I have a medical letter that says I have arthritis and osteoarthritis and yet my mobility is ignored even though I use two crutches.)

I do agree that the high end super cars should not be on mobility as the amount of young women I see get out of the chariots, throw a disabled badge in the window, offload a few children, lift them into trollies and push it round a superstore. And yet my lack of mobility is ignored even though I use two crutches and can't carry a basket or push a trolley.)

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  • Wait! Did you really say asthma???? I've had asthma since I was 16 and never gotten anything for it, not even free prescriptions! I don't see how asthma can entitle you to a car ever! And they never should have high end cars available on motability. Nothing wrong with a little Renault Clio or similar. The most expensive should be those that have special adaptations for physical problems or suchlike. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Those with drup and/or alcohol abuse should NEVER be given a car. Lordy, what is wrong with these people! The money, as always, goes to the wrong people and those that actually need it end up with diddly squat.



  • Totally agree. Although asthma is a killer I didn't even get free prescriptions with it, not even the inhalers I needed to breathe. I agree with the rest of your post too.

  • Honestly ladytelita, this is the Daily mail. Are you honestly telling me you believe the biased leftie view, which sides with the governments' nasty rhetoric and propaganda, that all benefit claimants are lazy, dishonest, slackers, shirkers, on the take, fraudsters, liars, not entitled? Come on, this paper is a nasty rag, nothing more. They should be sued for their slanderous, defamous, derogatory remarks. The money does not always go to the wrong people. That claim is preposterous as it is libellous. How about you give evidence and a link, as to this claim. By the way, those who are addicted to these substances, (addiction is a complicated subject affecting the brain, and something you need to look up) like most claimants have paid for their benefits and housing benefit out of their taxes and national insurance. Therefore, they are entitled to those benefits. Something you might want to consider before sprouting government propaganda. Moreover, the fraud rate on DLA or PIP, as it is now called, is 0.5%, and 1% on other benefits. These are on the government's website. It is not as high as the papers and government make out. The Tories really are the nasty party who would dismantle the welfare state and NHS completely to line their own pockets and that of other rich people, at the expense of people like us, thus, plunging us into Victorian times, or earlier where there was only the workhouses for the poor and destitute.

    Sorry, but it gets right up my nose when people say such things about claimants. Check your facts first please, otherwise you like the government, do a lot of damage to those who claim and could one day end up with nothing, as the government and some papers whip up hatred of the unemployed, sick, disabled and the unemployed.

  • Ok, at NO point have I said that all people who claim benefit are all fraudsters and never would I say such a thing. I really am not sure where you think I have implied that at all!

    The fact that it was the Daily Mail that posted these figures is beside the point, I do not like being called anything that is clearly nothing to do with anything I have typed.

    What I do find preposterous is the idea that someone who is an addict is entitled to get a car when what they need is appropriate help and support to end their addiction.

    I am well aware of the actual figures and as a clamant of benefits (as a carer) it would be beyond ludicrous for me to suggest we are all fraudsters or on the take. Sadly there are those on the take, as has been prooved time and again (and yes, I personally know several) and it comes across that they seem to get through all the rigerous tests etc whilst others, clearly in need of support end up with nothing. Suggesting I agree with anything the current government has to say about disabled or poor people would be, to me, highly offensive. It doesn't change my opinion that no one should be able to get high end cars on motability.

    The people on here are not, at any point, trying to slate disabled people, nor would they. They merely feel that they are wronged by such reports as many here have struggled to get a penny in help whilst, it would appear that others get an enormous amount for having little wrong.

    Please, before you jump down everyones throats here, think twice before assuming everyone was suggesting it was all claimants on the take, rather than a small minority that irks us as much as it does anyone else.


  • Do these comments seem familiar? " I don't see how asthma can entitle you to a car ever! And they never should have high end cars available on motability."

    Has it ever occurred to you that there are some people who have bad asthma that means they cannot walk very far, so they need a car, or scooter? No, I guess not. It can entitle you to a car or scooter. They do not get high end cars on DLA. They lose £200 pounds of their money leaving very little left of their benefit to pay for the cars, petrol, insurance...... they do get. Any adapted car, is an ordinary car, and still costs them £200 of their benefit. An addict is someone who has paid into the system, and therefore entitled to a car, if that helps them. It is not up to you who gets a car, or not.

    Some addictions are never ended. You need to do your research, or I can tell you just how bad addiction is to recover from.

    Sadly; the fraud rate is so tiny, it is infinitesimal. What the daily mail proves is not benefit fraud. They make up the figures, as does IDS, e.g. Ian dunce smith. They take pictures of people on benefits, shock horror on holiday or out with family to try and have some sort of a life, and make out they are well enough not to need any benefit. This is damaging and dangerous. I also think that you should not be posting daily mail propaganda on a Fibro help site. It is not appropriate, whether you like it or not. If sick people cannot pass the test, then well people would not stand a chance, given the DWP and Atos get medical reports from their doctor and specialists. None of them make anything up. Therefore, unless you have a doctor who had diagnosed you with something, you would not stand a chance passing the strict, yet, discriminatory, and biased descriptors. I bet the people you say are well yet on disability do not look sick or disabled. Typical daily mail and government rhetoric. There are any numbers of illnesses that make you disabled that are not seen.

    Including mental ill health and learning difficulties, or Specific learning disabilities.

    Once again, people DO NOT get high end cares on Motability. Their benefit all or part of it, would not get them a luxury car! That is DAILY MAIL BULLSHIT. They support the government who also put out deliberately false and misleading information about benefit claimants and what they receive in way of benefits. You say it was the daily mail who printed the fact those on disability have high end cars, yet you then say they should not be able to get them on Motability Which is it?

    As I have said to you already and on another similar post, I am aware there are those who are refused who should have the money. What I find odd is that you keep stating people get high end cars when you say it is the dally mail stating it. There have been people slating those on benefits, getting money they were not entitled to. As to how they know this, like you, they have not said how they know. Point is, you do not know. But given the very low fraud rates, it is a good bet nearly everyone on benefits is entitled to the money.

    Once again, people do not get enormous amounts of money for having little wrong with them. I am sorry to say, that is rubbish. I care for my neighbour and he is on high rates. He has so much wrong with him, mentally and physically, where to start, is hard. The fact the people have to go through the hoops, the tests are hard, and that you have to have a doctor's report for the DWP and Atos, to say they are faking it is again, with all due respect, rubbish.

  • Yep. I got FM, CFS, RA, OA, Fibrous Dysplasia, degenerative knee, achilles tendonitis, NAFLD, chronic endo... and I get nothing appealing now for the third time.

  • Me neither, FM, RA, OA and heart probs, I've not tried for any benefits.

  • They dont have high end cars on mobility surely people have to pay for them their selves

    Certainly the mobility allowance would go no where near a high end car.!

  • This is the daily mail remember. The mouth piece for the nasty party, the Tories.

  • Should alcoholics be driving in the first place?

  • NO nor drug addicts

  • Wait for this one I know someone who has just got a brand new motorbility car because they..................... Have a weight problem and are so large they have difficulty moving around they have no medical problems! I've had asthma all my life (42 years) I have FMS and osteoarthritis in my neck hand feet ankles and spine plus other medical conditions I can't even get a bloody blue parking badge.

  • It is unfair, I agree, but please these are human beings you are discussing, not turds you step on. They are addicted to alcohol or drugs, both are notoriously had to get off, but they have paid into the system like you. That is the rotten system and government we have at present. We are all at the mercy of them both, and we are all human beings subject to both. By the way, before condemning the overweight, have you thought about any medical issues they may have that caused the overweight? I bet not. There are many medical conditions that cause obesity, not just eating too much or the wrong food. You are doing the government's job of attacking the poor, sick and disabled rather nicely.

    I was not aware this is what the forum was for.

  • My comment was a known fact but as you know we are not able to name names. My niece is physically disabled and unable to even brush her teeth without support she is double incontinent peg fed through night and has to visit family to save her support hours because at one point they wanted to reduce her hours. People I know who are claiming benefits when really it could be questioned have never had a job therefore never paid national insurance so therefore are claiming taxpayers money. I do agree that there are many people who deserve to have benefits and have not been able to get a thing. some I know of who claim and should not be their attitude is I can have more money on benefits. Yes that is wrong I agree I have worked all my life and payed my NI I have OR FMS plus other disabilities and I have never claimed. I agree the system needs changed but do they really know what they are doing. I think what winds people up with medical conditions is that they are not self inflicted for what ever reason. Yet again my comment I made is because I know this person and yes there are medical conditions that cause weight gain but I don't randomly attack people to reiterate I know these people personally. And no this forum isn't for that its to give support and sometimes people get really fed up and depressed.

  • The fact is, you have not bothered to consider other factors in obesity, just condemned them outright. That to me is not acceptable behaviour. Your niece may be in a sad state of health, but what has that got to do with those you feel you can trash on a forum? Addiction is just as much of a sad fact too. Everyone who needs it is entitled to help, but sadly many are missed out. That is not the fault of those who get it. You cannot blame them. It is the government and this crappy system that are to blame. Once again, the fraud rate is tiny on any benefit. Once again, you repeat government propaganda. How do you know they are claiming unfairly? You cannot tell by just looking at someone. By saying it could be questioned they never have a job means you actually have no idea if they ever had a job. You cannot just guess, then bash someone. Unless you know for a fact they have never had a job, you should not judge someone like that. You should not be doing the government's job.

    Anyone can fall on hard times for any reason. Therefore, it could happen to you, if you work. Those who bash others for claiming benefits can fall on hard times themselves. Then you will expect understanding yourself and compassion. Perhaps you should lose your job, claim benefits, be poor and be at the bottom of the pile, then you will appreciate how tough it is for everyone who is not wealthy and on benefits.

    The sad fact is, most work does not pay, as the pay is too low and in no way covers the cost of living, food and bills. Unless it is an extremely well paid job, and most work is not, then yes, ironically you are better off on benefit in that you get your rent and most of your council tax paid. Even then, living on £71 a week unemployment or ESA is a bloody nightmare. You pay bills, or you eat. Doing both is impossible unless you eat like a bird. Being on benefits is not the life of Riley, nor are you rich. It is tough and very hard.

    This site has not been set up to demonise and bash benefit claimants. It is to support those who have Fibromyalgia and support one another with advice, kind words, a listening ear and emotional support. If you know this forum is for supporting Fibro suffers, then support, not bash those on benefits, as you have done.

    The government do far worse than any claimant claiming extra money even if they work. Yet, they get away with higher levels of fraud than any benefit claimant can. These people are abusing the trust of the people, and abusing their power. Demonise them, they deserve it.

  • I am not getting into a back and forward justification. I feel you have completely missed the point of what I personally was saying, without going into detail the people i am talking about are family members! So I do know that they haven't had a job, I feel you are obviously affected by the system and this is something you may have had to justify as you are so passionate about it. And rightly so. I have not commented on any other group but people I know. II have no issue with anyone who needs benefits I am talking about the people who I know have claimed in the old system when really they could have worked. People I know, not generally!! I am a great believer that anyone can fall on hard times and may need to claim benefits to survive. So shouldn't it be given it to people in need who ever they are.

  • I am not even going to dignify this post with a reply.

  • You need to change your doctor and apply for you blue badge via your council and it all comes down to your doctor if he or she fills the form in like there's nothing wrong with ya the you won't get it sorry hun as I fount out that every time I saw my doctor he felt sorry for me gave me all the meds I needed but he filled in the forms like saying there's nothing wrong with so be carefully and change your doctor

  • gosh Tibby3a hit it right on the head there i had heard this government was changing the rules yet the never got them right in the first place worth trying again now they are taken some off the list .. the right ones I hope means more for those that truly need it good luck

  • How do you know these people did not truly need it?

  • very true Eli50 so what is the point of the question .......i felt it was more of a government moan then anything else ... so took it lightly

  • Yes, you are right, a government moan. I cannot abide those that trash people who are trying to live on tiny amounts, look at people and decide they are not worth, or do not look disabled enough.

  • Eli50 I really feel no one here is doing that maybe your having a bad day if so hugs xxxxxx gentle ones

  • Bad day? With all due respect, that is quite an assumption.

  • Eli50 with all due respect we are all here for support not to be challenged if we are not politically correct that can come where it is needed here is a safe place to be our selves (its the only place i have to be myself wether i make a bad joke or read some one elses at least i try to understand where they might be and understand it is nto how they want to be and i am finding you constantly challenging tiring are you really out to pick on everything that is said in perhaps peoples perception of the time and place they are in at that moment .....where they are in their own place of illness coping adapting ... basically one thing i have found with this condition is that it does change your perception of things sometimes does it make it right or wrong i don't know but I can say from my self that i do say things I would never have said before I think things where i am shocked to hear it in side me I do things I would never have done before and My shock systems seems to be lower My statements are hard my attitude is harder but it dosnt mean you can challenge everything as we are going through it learning for ourselves how we need to adapt how to cope ................. ok you can pick now finished on my band wagon ^_^

  • sorry peeps love the jokes :/ didnt mean it to come out like that xxxxxxx :D ok I ban myself for one day :D

  • I should like to remind everyone that we are not here to discuss politics in any way. I would ask you to read the terms and conditions Eli50 of using the site and please do not incite are members


  • I feel I opened a can of worms, I did not mean to do so. I was just gob smacked that people could get 35k for a super car. I've had to buy my own without DLA or mobility help just to keep me in work and give me a little bit more energy, I was travelling three hours in a morning and three hours at night travelling on 8 busses a day six days a week... my energy levels were on fumes by Friday and I had to go another day before I could collapse.

  • In answer to your statement yes they do get 35K cars on DLA but they take your allowance each month and you have to put down a hefty part payment e.g about 15k

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