Hi does I have been prescribed duloxetine for pain , also have terrible anxietyand wake every morning in a dreadful state shaky and trembly, does  anyone know if and how long they take to work and inital side effects, as I feel very tired all the time....I am to start on 30 mgs and increase to 60 mgs after 2 weeks. I am also worried if they don't suit, effects of withdrawal. I am very stressed at the thought of taking them. I have only tried amitriptyline, but felt so bad only too it for 2 days. Hope for some advice please.

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  • Hi there

    Unfortunately the only way of knowing whether the Duloxetine is going to work for you is to keep taking it.

    Is there a reason that you are so stressed about taking this medication?

    There are some side effects, and I personally could not cope with them and so I stopped taking it.  Obviously very slowly reducing it with my GP's approval. 

    I don't want to put you off taking it, because it may work really well for you. 

    It could take up to 4-6 weeks to start working properly, which I know is a really long time. 

    If you take it for say, two months, and decide you want to stop taking it, you should not experience too many withdrawal symptoms if you wean yourself very slowly off the tablets. Your GP will explain what you need to do. 

    Please don't be put off giving it a try. It may work very well for you. 

    The important thing to remember about Fibro, people and medications is that we all react very differently.  What works brilliantly for one person may make another person unwell.

    You can have side effects and withdrawal symptoms from most medications so please don't stress too much about it. 

    Wishing you less pain and more peace 

    Lu xx


  • Thank you Blue Mermaid for your reply I'm just generally scared of antidepressants ,but have a lot of pain in my upper back might amitriptyline work better...what do you take? It is the anxiety as well that I dread...I'm in a mess 

  • Hello Roz31

    Both Duloxetine and Amitryptyline are antidepressants. 

    Amitryptyline helps with low mood, pain and sleep so may be more beneficial to you. 

    What you must bear in mind is that what works for one person may well not be the correct medication for someone else. 

    Side effects wise from what I have seen heard and read the Duloxetine can have some side effects in some people. But then so could the Amitryptyline. 

    Please don't be scared of antidepressants. They are prescribed for good reason. Long term pain, can equal anxiety, which can equal depression, which can equal pain. As you can see this is then a viscious circle of pain = anxiety = depression = pain.

    Obviously not everyone who has Fibro suffers this way, but many do. 

    My advice would be for you to discuss it with your GP. Your GP knows you best. 

    Please don't just suddenly stop taking any medication. This must be done slowly with your GP's advice. 

    Antidepressants do help with low mood. Please don't be scared of them.  I know a lot of people automatically assume that they are addictive and somehow feel ashamed of taking them. 

    I am more than happy to openly say that I take antidepressants and have done for years. My Seratonin levels are too low.  

    I hope some of this helps. Please do discuss your fears with your GP. 

    You will see that avarose and Wrighty1389 and Bailey13 take Duloxetine with success so please don't be put off giving this medication a chance if you want to. At the end of the day the choice is yours. 

    I hope this helps?

    Lu xx

    Volunteer Administrator 

  • My GP discontinued this drug after just one dose of 30mgms.

    The side effects were increased heart rate, muscular spasms and jerky movements and worsening of sepression. I managed without anything as my vitamin D level was low which can cause muscular pains etc.

    My endocrinologist prescribed vitamin D and calcium this helped .

  • I have really low vitamin d and have been on the d and calcium mix for years with sports of super doses in between as they don't provide enough d and I have read other fibro sufferers saying they are deficient could it be a Symptom of fibro maybe

  • Hi Treewade 

    Thanks for your response.

    To answer your question about Vitamin D .

    I would think going off what my endo has told me that the low vitamin D may be responsible for the muscular pains. I was told that vitamin D will ease the pains. Calcium is checked regularly for the first weeks as Vit D interferes with calcium levels. Vit D and calcium are usually prescribed together and levels monitored for a while as a precaution.

    Re Vitamin D disorder you mentioned. Just out of interest how low did your Vitamin D level fall?

    Does anyone know why you have a low Vitamin D?

    Some meds can cause a low Vit D.

  • I don't know how low it fell but have to take 600 times my usual dose once a month for three months at least it's only two tablets at a time this time last time I had to take 29 at once but I'm a chicken so took rm over three days I have low liver function and go to see a liver specialist on 19th as they sent me to a sergical specialist by mistake last week mmmmm I'm also doing three a day iron tabs as my stores are low and I'm pre diabetic whatever that means wish I knew why my body don't like its vitamins lol I have been thinking o doing sun bed as I heard this can boost levels but not sure. Can lansiprozol or simphastatin effect vitamin d levels? Xxxxx

  • Hi Treewade

    I had a statin but it was discontinued due to wasting/damaging the core muscles these are the muscles at the base of one's spine.

    To answer your wustion directly all the statins including simvastatin and the PPIS -proton pump inhibitors of which lanzoprazole , omaprazo;le and pantoprazole are others  can cause many conditions including peripheral neuropathy , pernicious anaemia, anaemia, and a low vitamin D.

    Plus other serious deficiiency disorders such as a low magnesium and calcium.

    .Statins were given a lot of bad press and a dr Chand a GP had to discontinue statins for himself due to their serious side effects.

    I can send you the links that show how these drugs prevent the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals leading to all manner of medical and neurological conditions.

    If it is permitted to do that perhaps ther is a private messaging service at HU?

  • If it's not permitted if you tell me name of paper I can google I do love to google lol thank you so much for your help the docs know I am sensitive to meds so surprised they haven't mentioned that meds could be doing it lol oh well gps got t love em lol xxxxx thank you again will ask gp on next visit xxxxx

  • You are welcome. 

  • Hi Treewade

    Here is the link to the info on the side effects of statins.


    There is plenty of info about the PPI;s such as omeprazole, lansoprazole and pantoprazole available on the net. They all prevent the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals leading to all manner of medical conditions such as pernicious anaemia, low vitamin D ,low magnesium and calcium . Statins cause osteoporosis and pa.

    Phenytoin ncauses low vit D as it prevents the absorption of calcium from the intestine hence the low vit D and osteomalacia etc.

    Hope the above helps.

    Take care.

  • Hello Treewade

    Many Fibro sufferers are low it Vitamin D. It is caused by lack of natural sunlight. 

    For some unknown reason it affects people with Fibro more than "normal" people. 

    Many members on the forum who have been abroad on holiday somewhere warm have said that whilst they were away their Fibro symptoms all but disappeared. 

    However, when they've returned so have their symptoms. 

    It is very hard to recreate sunlight into tablets. 

    I hope some of this is of interest to you. 

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator 

    PS Please make sure that you take your GP's advice regarding what meds you are taking.  If you are taking anything with Ibuprofen in it, on a regular basis e.g. Naproxen you must take either omeprazole or similar to protect the lining of your stomach.

    All things medication wise must be checked with your GP.  None of us here are medically trained doctors and we are not allowed to advise you. 

  • yes lanzoprazole interferes with the absorption of vitamins and ninerals .

  • I'm not familiar with med but know about the wake up with anxiety.I take Xanax works very well even in low doses.Also helps with sleep.Wish you the best,    Peck🌻

  • It is not something that I have tried but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I hope they work for you hunny and you manage to get some rest xxxxxxx

  • Hi I think you should inform your dr of this reaction to duloxetine asap. Kind regards

  • Hi Roz31, I was put on duloxetine a couple of months ago. I took 30mg and they took nearly 3 wks to kick in and they helped my mood. Then my doctor increased them to 60mg and now I'm so very tired all the time. I'm sleeping in the afternoons & am going to bed by 9pm because I can't stay awake. I also take 50mg of amitripyline at nite, I've been on these for quite a few years and don't have a problem, just need to take them early enough to kick in for bed time. I'm going to ask if I can reduce the duloxetine back to 30mg . Hope this is helpful x

  • Have u tried to reduce it yourself?

  • I have been on it for 6 weeks now, it does take this time to kick in and I think it is great. I have also had anxiety and depression with daily pain and all the struggles with fibro. It really helps me and no side effects to speak of, give it a chance

  • Medication affects people in different ways and what might be right for one person is not necessarily right for another so I can only tell you how the medication effected me. I initially started taking duloxetine a couple of years ago. I was first subscribed 30mg for first week increasing to 60mg  which took about 6 weeks to take affect and really show a difference and then a few months later I needed it to be increased to 90mgs. I suffer with neuropathic pain and obviously anxiety and depression comes into force as well and I must say it has really improved the situation . Good luck with it 😜

  • Hi, I am on 90mg a day of duloxetine and they work ok for me but it is individual.  I've tried amitryptiline and nortriptiline and I felt so awful on both, I just couldn't get on with them.  I take mine with Pregabalin, although am weening off them at the moment.

  • Hi Rozelle,I too am on Duloxetine,and amitriptolene,my consultant asked which worked best for me they are both good for n urological pain, but I find the amitriptolene, makes me tired,I have been using both at the moment as both my shoulder's have torn cuffs,I didn't feel tired on the duloxetine,but I don't feel it works as well as the amitriptolene,but only you know,I had no ill effects on either,best of luck.

  • I am surprised you can take duloxetine and amitriptyline together does that not cause problems 

  • Sorry to jump in but I believe duloxetine and amyltriptaline are commonly prescribed together for fibro. I'm on them. X

  • Hi Roz31, 

    For me, it was a case of accepting whatever was prescribed because I had had a real low due to having so much pain over a long period of time.  Once I was diagnosed with fibro, I was prescribed duloxetine (I was already on amitriptalyne for neuralgia) and I took it happily.  I was so grateful to have any support or help.  Both have made me feel much better.  For years, I have avoided antidepressants and tried to get through things without pharmacological help.  I have to say now, I don't give a stuff about the side effects I get.  I am in need of help via medication.  That's my take on  it.

  • Thanks Mono do you get side-effects from the duloxetine if you do can you tell me what they are and how was it when you first took it thank you 

  • So far I would say the duloxetine is helping improve my low mood. No side effects of note. I'm really glad I accepted taking any meds given to me and have changed my view on anti-depressants. I was suicidal at points and they've pulled me out. Hope this helps.  Xx

  • Thanks mono sorry to keep bothering you... can you tell me what time of day is best to take the duloxetine

  • Btw I have been prescribed amitriptyline and duloxetine and pain killers with no awful side effects. There is always a trade off but the positive definitely outweighs the negatives if there are any. 

  • Hi Roz   yes I also was in so much pain I would have taken anything,desperate pain calls for desperate measures I'm afraid,  not too bad now,I take amitriptolene of a night,and duloxetine of a day,I only have 10MG    amitriptolene,and 60MG  duloxetine, I have taken higher amitriptolene at the time I was in terrible pain, but cut back slowly as the pain gets easier.

  • Morning Roz when do you take duloxetine morning or evening? I found taking it at night was dreadful so I take it in the morning and it does build up to a point . I am less anxious do not cry as much as i was (I am a notorious wet drippy person - should be hired for all funerals does not matter who it is I just start) So it duloxetine makes life more bareABLE.

    Take care have a good day


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