Hi since 2014 I have been on esa basic rate in Nov 2015 I had an app for a medical at home , I was in bed poorly at the time and had forgot about the medical when they came they knocked at the door hard I panicked and didn't answer it ,I have sufferd from severe agoraphobia since I was a little girl I am now 52 I also have severe depression and anxiety I also have copd and a spine condition I eventually had another app for my health assessment 3 weeks ago and still havnt heard anything waiting for the decision because I didn't answer the door on my first app they stopped my money I got in touch with c.a.b and they out in for a reconsideration and I was out baxk on esa and I am now a bundle of nerves waiting for the letter how long does it take for them to get in touch I'm at my wit's end

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  • Hi.

    Yes it is very stressful waiting for the result. Why dont you give them a quick call to see if they have any update at the same time you could ask them to send you a copy of the report.

    I was given my results over the phone long before i got the decision letter.

    It may be able to put your mind at rest before the Christmas holiday.

    Keep us updated.

    Merry Christmas



  • Hi virgo thankyou for your reply I'm just so stressed at the min I suppose worried about going through all this again if I don't get it and I wish u a happy xmas

  • Hi Virgo I took your advise and finally gave them a call when said it was with the sender now she also said not to worry as there was nothing negative in the report how would she know this ,she also said if I haven't heard by the 29 th of December to give them a call back so I'm not sure if that sounds possative for me or not .happy xmas to you and thankyou again

  • With the decision maker,not sender lol

  • Hi my friend

    I have never been through anything of this nature before but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck wiht your outcome. Please take care of yourself.

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