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Anyone get pain in their sides?

I get terrible pain and soreness in the muscles in my sides, from just under my ribs to my hips. It has been ongoing lately but I hadn't really had it before that, at least not really bad which is happening now, it's obviously the muscle or muscles there but it is really sore during the day and so painful at night when I lie in bed that it is waking me up!

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Ouch! Any aches I get there aren't severe. The intercostal muscles in the ribs can be nightmarish at worst (incapacitating, can't move), most of the time they just ache.

Are they knotting? Just wondered as I've had muscles knot severely and then they can spasm. I had it so bad in my ribs that the first time it happened I was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Might be worth trying some very gentle therapy to loosen them up and help make them bearable again.



The first time I had spasm in my ribs my gp was away and the doctor who seen me thought I had shingles without the rash, but then suggested I had a severe chest infection even though my lungs sounded clear and sent me away with an antibiotic?!

The second time it was worse and i though i was having either a heart attack or there was something severely wrong with my lungs, my gp put me straight and told me it was muscle spasms. This feels the same but in my sides just under the ribs are worse, right down to my hips. Over did it yesterday, I'll never learn!


It awful Is not it . Poor you I have had th II s several times and I always double check . Last time . I . Got the doc out . Spasms are horrid. X gin


not pleased to hear you have had these pains, but pleased to hearothers have had the pains I have had, especially if I slip down thru the night, its horrendouse then, you begin to think you have something really life threatening....Dee x


I have pain in my ribs andmy ribs protrude on both sides quite prominently and everything do is so painful and keeps me awake as I can only sleep on my leftside and that is the side that's worst.wondering if my cough I linked to protruding ribs??


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