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Scalp zaps and pain in neck

Anybody get scalp pain and random electric like Zaps up the back of head with soreness to scalp when brushing hair or pain when moving neck? Doc referring me to pan clinic and also told me to stop gabapentin as she said it won,t be helping but the zaps seem to be worse since weaning off. I have found this scalp problem coming on since a few stressful days at work and its the fourth episode this year which lasts for weeks a time...getting so

down with it :(

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Hi, I too experience this, went to pain clinic and he said it's the. Occipital nerve causing it, wants to do a occipital nerve block injection but said to try pain relief in tablet form first, he put me on pregabalin and tramadol and I keep a note of these head pains just so when I go bk to see him in new year I can remember how often/bad they are, part of fibro as well he said, x



i also have this pain

my consultant at the pain clinic refused this treatment, saying it can leave a permanent face droop

he said he has stopped doing this completely because our pain is so bad we will agree to accept this might be a result in desperation.. but then the face droop (10 %) causes depression

please look into this a bit more

i would have done ANYTHING to get rid of that excrusiating facial pain

i would have accepted the chances, the pain comes and goes, for sure i begged him to do it,

however sometime i clicked that what he said was right, i have a depressive tendency and had i ended up with a permanent droop it would have affected me real bad with depression

i don't mean to scare or shock you


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I've had very similar over the years but never really attributed it to fibro

've been on gabapentin since 2004 and wouldn't say that it has had any effect in that but I do hope you manage to find the answer and some relief soon xx


Yep, I get this.... voodoo doll pains and itchy scratchy scalp.... comes and goes, but usually dependent on how tired I am. x


Yes i get it, I cant understand y your doc has said stop gabapentin, thats what they do ease the electric shock symptoms... they act on the nerve pain, stabbing pains. I dont always take my dr's advise for gospal, try another doc for a second opinioin if you dont feel confident with what one docs said... its normal to ask to see someone else for a second opinion, go with ya instincts our bodys have a wonderful way of telling us what we need, dont ignore it. If you have got worse after stopping meds go back they were obviously doing somethhing for you if you feel worse afetr stopping. Pregabalin is another good med, more expensive than gabapentin but they are good and you dont need such a high dose like you do with gabapentin. As far as the sore scalp, it will always bother you from time to time. I get alot of feelings of creepy crawlies running up the back of your neck is part of fibro. My symptoms got so bad last year I had a question mark over me of poss MS, MRI was normal. Good luck


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