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Happy and painless Mothers Day!

We have this day once a year to celebrate all mums. As a mum and grand mum, I would like to wish all mum's, grand mum's, people who are like mum's (and that includes friends, dad's, grand's and anyone else) as I truly believe the job we do is invaluable. As we do it with the added "bonus" of fibro, not only does it make life that bit more difficult but we appreciate the difficulties that anybody can go through in bringing up a family with any kind of disability. Anyway, I would like to wish ALL members a happy and as near as possible, painless Mother's Day. Stay strong.

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Wonderful words.

Happy mothers day to all ,and those that are no longer with us. Xx

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This is lovely. Wishing all Mothers and Grandmothers a really lovely day. 🎉🎉 x

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These words are all very lovely.

Happy Mother's Day to all ,may we all have a lovely pain free , happy day.

Love to all

Jane. Xx

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Hi rubycheshire

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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