I notice nhs offers rheumatic advice for fibromyalgia. But it probably a digestive problem, I have seen a good increase in myself since following dr axes leaky gut, I also take more vits and proteins. Proteins are essential to generate serotonin and dopanmine etc. See the following links

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food for thought, protein shakes are good with extra vits, but make sure you don't over do the vits too many are not too good

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  • Thanksfor sharing Red...i started dairy free, took digestive enzyme and pro biotics. I am better. Still have some issues. I still have tight connective tissue in my back, my left leg hurts and hand and wrist arthritis..but, hey, I'll take it. My ear pain is better, my foggy brain is better. I am also takin vit d, b12, fish oil, magnesium.

  • Hi can you buy vitamin b 12 or do you get it in injection form from the doctor? ☺

  • Rosie...i take b12 over the counter as a supplement.

  • That's good to know, I will have to see if my local chemist stocks it. I always thought that your doctor had to prescribe it. Thanks for getting back to me x rosie ☺

  • I've read that the best kind to take is sublingual (you let it dissolve under your tongue, bypassing the digestive system) methylcobalamin. I take one made by Jarrow that is cherry flavored, so quite pleasant. You can get your B12 tested, but should not take any for 5 days before testing. I just got mine tested and learned that afterward :-(

  • Oh yeah -- I mail-order it and I'm in the US. Companies and brands might be different in the UK.

  • I was told by the physio who took my hydrotherarpy sessions that it is a good thing for women of a certain age (well he didn't point at me but I was the oldest female in the group) to have as much protein as they could to build up muscle. He added that most women would not be eating enough protein in their diet to make enough difference and recommended taking a protein shake. I did try them but unfortunately my IBS played up something rotten so in my case had to give it a miss but hopefully could work for other people. I know some people have to be careful of too much protein so it is always best to check with someone in the know first.

    I think it is good to investigate different treatments and philosophies especially if medication isn't giving good results.

    Hope you carry on improving.

  • I cant eat too much protein because of my scarred kidneys. I need to eat less protein. I have ibs as well still. I also find i have trouble digesting protein. I cut back on my digestive enzyme because i took it for 2 yrs and felt like i didnt need it anymore.

    I cheat a little sometimes with food, which could be why i still have intestinal issues.

  • Hi Red_Paddington

    Thank you so much for this, the first link did not work for me? The third link was a little unclear to me as it insinuated that Fibro was a thyroid issue, did I read that correctly? I have heard of some folk with thyroid issues being misdiagnosed with Fibro in the past.

    I have pasted you a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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