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Hi guys ty for your positive support a week ago it helps to not be alone when I started to worry., Well I filled in the pink and white form and added lots of further explanations , it took me three days to do it. Well rang them to day and have been awarded 3 more years so don't worry and always make sure you write enough to help them. I had some old evidence but due to my ongoing conditions mostly have little support due to nothing can help it much, if you know what I mean. Anyways thank you again. x

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  • Well done I a,module for assessment soon and I will do the same. Are you income based esa or contributions based? I was told because I am contribution based I will have to do keep paying for me prescription I have been paying monthly for the pre payment card. I was shocked I still had to pay?

  • Do you mind if I ask who told you this?

    I am on contridution based ESA and don't pay for my prescriptions, I also qualify for free prescriptions because I am on medication which is on the list that is deemed as a life-long medical condition. Not sure if it depends on your marital status/household income etc, but I am a single parent living with my two non-dependent children. I got my application form 'help with health costs' from my local chemists. Please double check

    hugs x

  • Hi thank you for answering. My husband works and I was told this effects me as well? I have Chronic asthma but that's not on the list can you believe with out my nebuliser and inhalers I wouldn't be able to love the life I do. I am p,eased you have the benefit can you tell me were to find the list to see what else is on it please.

  • hi there as far as I'm aware I tick the box esa and that's all I've done and to be honest always thought I could. I've never heard back from them for this reason and have done for other things so would presume its ok .

  • My pharmacist at Boots told me about applying for the 'help with costs form' when I was first prescribed my thyroid medication. She said it was on the list

    that qualify. I got my form HC1 application from g.p reception ( you can also get them at hospitals or job centre i believe).

    I rang the number on the form to double check and it was confirmed. I've just looked on my form - its called an 'certificate for full help with health costs'

    you can also qualify if you're on a low income, you can also get your travel expenses refunded for attending NHS appointments.

    I can send you the contact number in a private message.


  • Could you please send me the details I would be grateful xx

  • Hi are you set up for private messages - I'm having trouble sending

  • Hi there sorry for not getting back sooner, as for your question haven't a clue sorry but will look into it. x

  • Hi Royalspec01 - Sorry that question was for Waterbottle 😊

    still trying to get used to using forums

  • Hi Waterbottle, here are detials of help wth nhs health costsHelp with Health Costs

    NHS Services Authority

    NHS Help with Health Costs

    The contact number is 0300 330 1343

    Hope you qualify - Good luck.


  • Thank you so much will have a look now xx

  • Hi have just looked and this says if you have a continues disability or need a person to be with you when your out. I do qualify for that. But when the Drs sent me the for, it says something different it says if you have a temporary illness, they are saying that as my paralysis is considered temporary then I might not qualify?

    But my chronic fatigue and fibromaglia is always there so somewhat confused. It states that your GP has to agree and it looks like he does not can't ideas?

    Thank you Dianne

  • It sounds as if you qualify under the long term disability one. My GP didn't need to approve anything for me to get the help.

    I qualify for the medical exemption certificate (which is a card) because of my medication and I have it until 2019. I also qualify for an HC2 certificate which I renew every year. There is also a criteria where you get help if you're on low income - Have you tried ringing them directly?

    They are really helpful. If you need any info let me know.

    Good luck


  • Hi there Ladygelf That's some really helpful info ty x

  • That is wonderful news my friend, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Ty Ken not on much and only seem to be fro a short time but this site at times has been a real god send for me especially advice and info its like part of my home . x

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