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Hi everyone.

Well finally went in for my colonoscopy...To m'y 😲..i had 3 polyps removed 2 small 1 larger good news is not cancer but i was surprised. I even had them..I thought or was hoping it was Just fibroids.Oh well im a little nervous now as To what i should do ..As m'y mind starts To go aatray always thinking the worse.

Although in in the clear i Just have à tendancy To think 🙊 or how...i should understand it Just is.well in lors of pain today..cramping and tender.

Hopefully later today will provide some relief...Mot allowed pain meds not even advil..because can cause. Bleeding.

Any tips or any informations would .be helpful.

Thank you guys.



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  • It must be a relief to find that your fear of finding cancer was just that, fear. You must be very uncomfortable but your body will settle down as the biopsy sites heal. It's easily said when it's not you who's going through it , but you should take the time to let the relief take over. My best wishes for you 🐸

  • Thanks so much sorebones.

    Yes i need To heal.

    Im Just the kind or person gogo...this laying around is for the birds.

    Hope you are feeling well as expected.

    Gentle hugs your day.


  • glad you got the all clear xxx

  • Hi Barb :)

    You must be relieved :)

    I know I was when they found my uncancerous polyps a few years ago. They also discovered a few other problems though, which did scare me but they were kinda repairable so I had surgery to help fix the problems.

    The tenderness you're feeling will subside and my suggestion towards what might help when tryng to sit is a donut cushion or a soft fluffy cushion, it helped me :)

    Regarding the pain side of things I think it would be better to speak to your local pharmacist or your GP as they know your medication history and will be able to work out what pain relief you can use :)

    I hope the discomfort subsides soon for you and I send healing fluffie hugs of support your way :)

    Wishing you wellness :)

    Sian Xx :)

    PS: Have you tried hot or cold compresses for the pain and any inflammation?

    xx :)

  • Hope you feel better soon!!!

  • Glad all went well 😃

  • You need to rest properly, having these procedures is a trauma on your system, pleased you have the all clear xxx

  • I am genuinely relieved for you that it is not cancer my friend but I can imagine that you are feeling in a lot of pain today. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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