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MRI scan results

had a mri scan on the 28th october and got the results back:( As well as having IBS and FM I now have to contend with Arthritis of the spine so my day is not going well. Finally got through to my GP that the meds she has given me are not doing anything so have been referred to a pain specialist..I managed to tell her how I was feeling well inbetween blubbering like an idiot.

Just got to wait for an appointment for the hospital to come through, hope its not too long as when I phoned up they had not got any appointments but if I did not hear anything I was to contact my surgery for them to chase it up...another waiting game.:(

Really fed up today don't know which bit of my body hurts the most. Oh and who ever said life begins at 40 well they need shooting

Vikki x

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sorry to hear you are having such a rough time it can be a shock when drs tell you there is more things wrong with you. I hope you get an appointment quickly to see pain specialist. I think it takes time to come to terms with all the feelings involved with being in pain and feeling unwell. Emotions are a rollercoaster sometimes. I write down my feelings sometimes and it helps me to express myself i found i had to find a way to get it out that works for me. Hope you mood lifts soon. I hate that fed up feeling.

take care lesley x


Don't think there is enough paper in the house for me to put my feelings down lol..my poor son has just walked in from school so told him how I was feeling, think he wishes he had stayed at school haha...bless him well he is 15 and I have to sneak a hug and cuddle some how off him and he got a big one must admit he gave me one back so spirits lifted a little. I do agree the emotional side of all this takes it toll on me but like every one says you have to keep positive and I do try but some days I have no try in me if you no what I mean...never mind I will keep my pecker up..

thanks lesley x


i know what you mean i type on the computer and it's amazing what comes out it surprises me sometimes how deep emotions surface. bless your son somehow in english culture it is uncool to cuddle after a certain age. nothing beats a nice hug from someone. My son is 17 and my daughter 12 so i understand bless them they not always in the mood teenage hormones ragin mood swings ha ha the joys then there's my moods on top of that. Hope your moods stay light and keep your pecker up (love that saying.) take care x


Hi Vikki

well i completely agree with that life begins at 40!! ...not like you mine spiraled down hill like a roller collercoaster ..nightmare!

Very sorry you have got Arthritis but please try and see it in a more positive way as you have an answer for all that you was suffering that no one else was seeing and understanding! .

The condition i have as well as what you have -Arthritis as not diagnosed for this but i feel RIDDLED in what ever i have all over !! from head to foot and i take Lyrica.

After the diagnosis of BHMS which i been doing reserch since i got no help at all except my Neurologist said your lucky its not the life threateing one which is Vascular, however

what i feel i suffer is Arthritis now they did a test for RA

but i think i believe it is OA its hard as i had no idea whats what .

Also IBS and Gastric issues too and beta blockers ..blimey one by one more and more things adding ...i wish they would minus hahahahah xxxxxx got to try and smile hmmmm xx

Anyway all i can say to you is there is Medications for Arthritis and use Wheat bags too and heated feet all in one slipper boots too, have you been on Arthritis site?

I got on BHMS/EDS site too as this is what i have but in beginning i believed that this could not cause my issues it is so hard to accept the changes happening as this condition can go places but like any conditon who knows we have to think for today and do things we can do or we will end up at home feeling sorry for our selves day in day out. Which i know for a fact if i did not have what i have i would!! i told my Dr this and i saw her making a not as i had depression before and dont want it again but how hard is it to keep light of everything when inside we are like voodoo dolls ..

Sorry if i am no help to you . .. but please please inbox if you just want to chat to some one as it is hard to get your head around things at the moment in time..

Big huggles to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i meant at the top .... just like you mine spiraled down hill ohps i just noticed what i did hahah x


lol I got it haha, now smiling thank you xxxx


Hi there Vikki. It's horrible finding out that there is yet another illness to add to the list! I also went through an MRI scan since a severe pain that I have been banging on about to my GP was finally taken seriously by my new FM Rheumy at my local hospital. Further investigation showed chronic OA at the lower back and another in the neck. And my GP put it all down to Fibro! I am now convalescing from the lower back to op which was urgent and will be controlled for the neck hernia in 6 months. In my late 50s and now been told I can give up work for good, but wih OA now being put down as my new primary illness. Great eh?! But the lower back pain is improving by the day. Trying to find out more about OA of the spine as I live I Belgium and am having to deal with a French speaking doc which is not ideal. I do hope that you are managing to control the pain OK. I wonder how many Fibromites have other illnesses yet to be discovered. Take care of yourself and don't shoot yourself yet!


I wont I promise lol. I hope you too feel better soon look after you :)


Like you I have FM & IBS, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the spine some years ago and Lung disease this time last year. It just all seems to pile on to the point where you do not want to think about what might come next xxxxxx


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