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Hi there everyone really find it difficult took three days to complete the questionnaire only hope I filled it in ok. I didn't ask for help and I bet I'm gonna be wishing I did. I know it was a bit of a mess. Its for the re assessment for the support group so wish me well. Really not looking forward to the response. ITs been two years is it a bad sign only they sent it early I was awarded in June or so last time. Really a lot more nervous that I thought I was. Anyway wish me well. x

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  • good luck huni, and I hope it all goes well but if it doesn't please either go to your local C.A.B or put help with benefits in.......and put your area and it will give you a list of organisation that help you with forms etc because sometimes there is a long wait for help at the C.A.B good luck pet xxx

  • I think they always send them early. I had my DLA renewal 6 months early. Good luck. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Well, it is now complete and turned in,right? This is where you"let it go"...have good thoughts and know that it's out of your have done your best. It's is tough to do...when I have been able to truly do (its not easy) this with something and give it over by letting it go, it is so freeing. Good luck!!!


  • Good luck with it. They always tend to send it early as it can sometimes take some time to process.x

  • ty x

  • I would like to say ty for all of your reassuring messages ty :)

  • Hi my friend, I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your questionnaire, fingers crossed for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Ty Ken it seem only the other day when Mdaisy received her claim I always remember cause I would never have known and was so surprised as she was always so positive and supportive to others it kinda made me feel a little selfish. I rang them today as I'm so nervous I'm given to understand I wont be asked for and interview and that it was sent on for final decision and that all the paperwork they were happy with so all being well ill be able to stop worrying . Fingers crossed and lets hope ty again. This site is amazing and full of amazing fibro mites. x

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