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Anyone suffer with being too hot?


I was wondering if anyone with fibro knows what you can buy for your underarms no matter what I do shower a lot wash within a few minutes I'm hot again and sweating it's so embarrassing. Any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi Ashleyw1987 I assume you are Male? my X had this problem, too many clothes/layers on- he used the Simple range. quite cheap to buy, shower gel, body lotion, talc shampoo you can be too clean really Ashley, I do get hot now and then I think its meds I take, I shut all my curtains and strip off for half an hour until I cool down!

I am female and on 100mg of setraline

sorry Ashleyw1987 I have a nephew with that name! what is the setraline given for does it help? Are you a large female? sorry to be blunt but Ive had to go thru so many hoops to strike a happy medium with fibro, its not always perfect but, we have a weight loss helper on our forum its in the "My Communties" its NOT for just weight loss its to help with does/donts you are not forced to weigh in every week but to get some good advise on diet for fibro, I have a lady who helps me flea n tick my cats and she has reverted to gluten free diet, I also love tennis and Novak Docka went on a gluten free to keep is weight stable adn to help with excessive sweating.. I hope you find some light to help you.

I have terrible sweat and flushes. The one place I don't sweat is underarms. I put it down to using Mitchum roll on deodorant. Wish I could use it on my head!! X


I use mum deodorant (roll on) ... has been most effective for me

I get sweat and flushes - it’s awful and I don’t have to be hot lol - it freezing at moment but I was sweating like mad earlier and all I was doing was sitting on the train

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I'm the same as soon as I hit the cold air outside I start sweating never under my arms, its my head neck an back, like you say even right after a shower even tho I have a coolish shower ,our body thermostat is wonky😕

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I think so mine is head neck and back too - and I’m not going through the menopause lol as well I’m a bloke he he

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Lol ,I think its the fibro,loads of people on here have the same problem.our thermostats are knackered too put it bluntly☺

Also can happen after a shower etc - feels like a waste really

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robpw Ive done that in the past and ended up looking like a piece of corned beef! I lowered the temp of the bath/shower, I love hydro the water is 32 degrees and is lovely for excercise so I stick with that- I know about sitting on trains overcrowded and the heat bellowing out too. I often have the odd heated moments at home but I think its meds doing that.

Yep. I'm going into a sweating chamber 😓

It is good to sweaT otherwise we would end up like a mitchelin X man!

Lol too much though x

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